• I don't have video capability, but this is a very worthwhile project and I hope a lot of people participate. I am a cancer survivor myself.
  • hmmmm...nice thought. have to see what 1 can do
  • I cannot do the Video bit but if there is anything I can do to help I will. I came through myself and lost my Husband to Pancreatic Cancer nearly 20 months ago. My Aunt died of Myeloma in March and I have a cousin who has been fighting Cancer for 16 years. I have every reason to wish to help fight it if I can.
  • story..A low rumbling sound finds it way to her ears, "Hush my pet" she whispers. From the entrance of their cave she gazes down the mountain. She can see him approaching. The wicked thorns digging and biting into his flesh as he continues his advances. Could it be that he is looking for this woman? Does he not realize that the dragon gaurds her? She watches curiously, as he ascends the rugged terrain she reflects back into her memory. There was a time when she lived among the humans, a time when she had no fear of them. She can nearly make out the features of his face now. The dragon stands waiting for her to allow his protection. She remembers the way of the humans. She remembers how they can show many faces, yet never truly show who they are. She remembers how they can cast a spell to make one feel they are safe and loved and then slice the very throat of the one they profess to love. Closer still he comes to the opening in the mountain. Why does he continue? The blood dripping from the wounds that the hateful thorns have caused. Does he really know that she is there? Watching him struggle she whispers "what does he seek here?" The dragon begins his rumbling again "Be silent" she commands. She fears this stranger and yet she wants to watch him, Just for a moment more. What makes him struggle so to reach this entrance? The dragon breathes in deeply taking this humans scent deep into his nostrils. Even closer now the man looks towards the entrance to the cave."Did he see me" she wonders to herself and she moves back into the shadows. "He knows you are here" She hears a deep voice say. Startled by the break in the silence she turns to look at the dragon.."My pet, do you know of this human?" she asks. The dragon takes a deep breath and begins to speak to her. "You see my dear, when you came to this mountain foregoing all human contact you forgot one thing. You my mistress of this mountain are human as well. You have judged all humans by the deeds of but a few. This man seeks to bring you back into the domain of humans and you must go." Tears filling her eyes she turns her face down and whispers "I can not." "Why my pet do you wish me to leave you?" she angrily asks the dragon. The dragon laughs, He has seen this look before. "Dear little mistress" he begin, "You have known all along that you were not to remain in this cave, hidden from all that you have known. You were in need of something when you came to this place. I merely offered you protection and love." "Love" she cried, "you say you offer me love and yet you are casting me back into a world that knows not what love is?" The dragon leans down, his breath blowing her hair gently. Nuzzling her he softly says,"Mistress, this man that comes for you, he knows, The old sheep herder in the valley knows as well. There are many in your world that know. I have said that you have made your judgement of the humans based on but a few. Does that not mean that a few can change your judgement?" The dragons head snaps quickly toward the entrance of the cave, "He is nearly upon us Mistress, are you prepared for your journey?" Wrapping her arms around him she begins to cry, "Please my pet, I am frightened. I will perish in their world." The dragon bends his massive neck and cradles her against him, whispering to her "look into the eyes of this human but once, look deeply, listen to your heart and not your fears. If this human still frightens you, then mistress I will snuff the life from his body at your comand. Yet, if it is to be that you have no fear, then mistress, you must return to the human world forever. Your world." At that moment the man stepped into the entrance of the dragons lair. "Look in the eyes" the dragon whispers as he takes a step back. The man walks up slowly to the woman , placing his hand gently beneath her chin, raises her eyes to meet his. The dragons words echo through her mind as she nervously gazes into the eyes of this man. "Why do you come here?" she softly asks. The man reaching down to take her hand into his own answers "For you. You have climbed this mountain to escape the woes of human existence, yet forgotten there are joys to be found as well. I cannot shelter you from the woes of the human world as the dragon can, I can merely offer you friendship and loyalty, to share the woes with you as well as the joys." As she continued looking into his eyes she realized that this human did not frighten her as she had almost wished. She saw no sign of deception in his eyes. "And in return? What do you demand in return?" she asked. "Of you" the man begins,"I demand nothing." He continued, "I hope for your friendship and loyalty, I wish for you to be willing to share with me the woes and joys. I wish for nothing more than I can give in return." Turning back to the dragon she pleads "My pet, I fear not this human, yet to leave your side will shall tear my very heart in two." Sighing deeply the dragon begins to speak again, "Mistress, within my eyes you will first see a reflection of yourself, it is only when you look deeper, beyond the surface that you see inside of this dragon is it not?" "Your words are true as always my pet" she replies. "Mistress, tell me, what is it that you first see when you look into the eyes of this human?" She turns to look at the man, in his eyes is a reflection of herself and she begins to cry because she knows that her time with the dragon is over, knows that she must return to her human world and leave him in the world of the the dragon. She turns to say farewell and finds that the dragon has disappeared. "My pet" she calls. Silence echoes through the cave, "My pet, You have been by my side for all of this time, why do you abandon me now?" The man walks silently to her and takes her hand leading her to the entrance of the cave. Turning to her as they exit, the sun shining upon her face, a spark flashes in his eyes as he squeezes her hand and says, "I have been here all along". LOL :)
  • Thank you for you stand for the health and well being of others Best- Rick
  • How much time do you have:):)
  • As soon as I looked at your question and then your profile, I checked my email. I received an email about a young man that has just been diagnosed with cancer. So, I think it was meant to be that I say something. Also, I'd like to say something about my Uncle Harold that our family lost to cancer when he was only 24 years old. I was 11 years old at the time. He was the only one that took some time with me to play catch, go roller skating and yes-he taught me how to play blackjack. He loved baseball. He had injured a finger on his left hand when playing baseball. The finger swelled up and the doctors kept treating it. Finally, they discovered that he had had cancer in his lower arm and when the finger got injured, it caused the cancer to travel to his finger. He eventually had his entire left arm amputated. His hospital stays were at The Illinois Research Hospital in Chicago, Ill. The following is about another young man from the email I just received which I find so the first part of my answer -- The 17 year old young man who I requested prayer for, has been diagnosed with testicular cancer. The same kind Lance Armstrong had. He has had one testicle removed, and they also found a mass in his abdomen that they removed. They are checking some spots on his lung, but they are not sure at this point what it is. His mom and dad are broken hearted, scared, and worried sick, as any parents would be. He is recuperating in the hospital. Prognosis and treatment is still undetermined at this point. Continue to remember the family in prayer.
  • no ... not yet, and some bits i will never be able to share, like my childhood, I can tell you it certainly wasn’t filled with sunflowers and daisy’s. but a far as telling the recent ... in all honesty, nobody actually wants to know. we have an evolutionary incentive to give a crap about the people we know and love, and we also have an evolutionary incentive to not give an crap about anyone else.
  • HEY LANCE!!!!!!!
  • Oh great... I hope this doesn't turn into Yahoo, where they have 50,000.00 people scrambling to answer Bono's question about how we can all help the poor and Leo Decraprio talking about the evil's of hard wood flooring. NOT interested! I say we campaign to keep this a non-celebrity propaganda free site!
  • Sure. If I had super powers it would make for a better story though.

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