• No. It is a necessary method. I've done both long and short flights this year (flights to Australia & Asia and 2 flights to Europe) plus domestic and Caribbean flights and the short flights seem to be more hassle although at least 50% of my flights have been pleasant, uneventful and easy. A friend just drove his family ( with a newborn no less) from Atlanta to Miami rather than fly. It was 24+ hours on the road, $500 in gas, wear and tear on the car and bodies, and he said he was saving money. he could have flown for under $1,000 and rented a car while there and spent less than 6 hours total traveling.
  • Yes, I know its necessary but I absolutely DREAD the next time I have to go to fly anywhere....
  • Unfortunately there isn't a lot of good alternatives.
  • I hope it's not that bad I'm flying in about 12 hours.
  • Yes. Between the TSA Nazis, the screaming babies, and a host of other insults (both major and minor), I have come to HATE flying (which is sad because I loved flying pre-9/11). Of course, when I want to visit Hawaii I have little choice. But consider this: my last flight between Southern California and Denver, CO took 9 HOURS door-to-door. I can drive from SoCal to Denver in 10-12 hours (traffic permitting). I've pretty much ruled out flying for any destination that is within 2 days drive.

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