• There does a exist a "Do Not Hire" list amongst retail businesses. My friend's daughter (at age 18) lost her job at Walgreens because they discovered AFTER she was hired that her named appeared on this "Do Not Hire" list. She was let go from a PetSmart two years prior for admitting she took a soda and eight crickets - can you imagine?. Shetold me she DID NOT take these items but admitted to it because the managers would not let her leave the "interrogation" room until she admitted she took them. She was not even permitted to use her cell phone to call her mother. She told me she admitted that she took these items so that she could go home. They escorted her out of the room and walked her to the cash register. They handed her a paycheck for work up until that night, cashed it for her, and gave her less $8.00 for the missing items. That was two years ago. She was just recently dismissed from Walgreens for "lying" on her application. There were no criminal charges filed or anything of that nature so she did not check the box where it asks if "you have ever been charged with a crime". She was told by someone that her name will be on this corporate "internal list" for seven (7 years!). Needless to say she is very distraught and has asked me to help her. I am going to contact an attorney in the Philadelphia area. She admitted wrongdoing under duress and I would even to go so far as to say that she was "temporarily" kidnapped by the managers at that time. So, yes indeed, there is such a list called "Do Not Hire" out there in retail businesses.
  • I'd be damned careful about this. You should consult a trusted lawyer to ADVISE you about where your daughter stands. Other than that, she should be counseled to avoid retail employment and pursue other forms of work.. office work.. secretarial.. construction.. landscaping or a business orientation. To pursue this further in court runs the risk of something more permanent being forced into your daughter's record. She got caught in a catch-22 .. minor issue.. people who want to jam her... she didn't feel entitled to leave. They've got cameras out the wazoo in those places. A bad situation for her. Best to just leave it be... don't get too upset about it.. avoid retail employment and make the extra effort to pursue other career options. Hopefully 7 years the record is expunged and she can put it behind her.
  • I suspect there is something like that. My Daughter-In-Law paid with a $5.00 check that went bad (because of excess bank charges), and five years later, she was denied employment for "writing a bad check". She was never charged, or even accused. She did receive several letters asking her to come in and redeem the check, but they came after she moved away and got married.
  • Nowadays, fail a drug test, have a criminal charge, have a bad credit history, or lie on your job application and you're on a type of "do not hire" list. But that's not the same as a list in the sense of a "blacklist" that you can be put on for no reason. With the economy becoming worse, employers are just being more careful who they hire and checking public records.

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