• I feel many relationships today are built on attraction and lust and very little on getting to know each other. I think after a short amount of time and the lust settles down they find that they really can't stand each other.
  • It seems to me that most people don't really want to TRY at relationships. " 'Til death do us part " doesn't have any meaning. People don't seem to want to put the effort into relationships.
  • Yes i agree with you. When it is not all rosey then that is a good test to see if a couple are willing to work through it, or take the easy way out. I am one that would try and work through it. After all, a good woman is hard to come by. Many don't.
  • It's like "I don't have to put up with this crap and don't want to try so I will blow you off!" Type of attitude.
  • Yes, I have had client's come in screaming for a divorce. Sometimes they are justified, but often it is over bullshit and I become a marriage counselor. I believe in the sanctity of marriage but it seems a lot of people don't. You have to live through the good and the bad. Then again...I am divorced:)
  • Yes, and I think it is because people don't trust eachother and aren't willing to go through their issues to make the relationship work.
  • I think because people are no longer dependent on each other or the community for support, it's a lot easier to throw in the towel.
  • I was willing to blow out my marriage because, well yes, he was driving me nuts and I wanted out. I believed I hated him and that he was destroying me. But since I had a wake-up call, we've got to know each other all over again and it's so much better. I'm grateful for what happened in a perverse way, although it hurts - still does - but if it hadn't I would have lost the one person that means more to me than anything else in this world, who's stuck by me throughout all my tears and tantrums, and who really deserves to reap the rewards. My one true love, my soul mate. My husband.
  • People have learned to be selfish and to think only of themselves instead of the nation, state, community and the family. They think they need no one and need make no lasting commitments. They change loyalties, and moral standards based only on money and material comfort. Many are finding this does not build security and peace of mind and mental comfort. Lust and passion for another person can drive a relationship until it dies, which it will. Many of these people will end their life as lonely people.
  • I think people go into marriages today with the idea that "if It doesn't work, we can just divorce" and then when hard times hit, they don't try to make it work they just bail.. then it's not long and they marry again and the cycle repeats. 50 years ago, couples fought to keep marriages together no matter what. It is true that some marriages were not made to work in the first place. In the case of cheating or domestic abuse, I say get out but just because you dont want to deal with things anymore..isn't a reason to bail.
  • Maybe values in society have been relaxed. The divorce rate in the U.S. is a frightening 50%. Personally, I can't fathom it. I don't cut my s/o loose unless I have a valid, substantial reason to do so. This is the absolute last option - when healing is impossible through communicating and trying to work it out. I am intensely loyal to the person I love. I am consistent, stable, and these qualities are probably what I value most in myself. In life, you get the love you give.
  • I'm guilty of this. Someone pisses me off, I delete them out of my phone, ut of my life etc. It can be a lonely existence when one has a temper.
  • Definitely. We live in a restless world in this day and age. People place too much emphasis on "falling in love" at first sight, or falling for someone because of his/her physical appearance and/or outward personality ("she's fun to be with, he has an outgoing personality"). What they fail to focus on, and ultimately fail to nurture, is unconditional care and compassion for one another, trust and friendship. Television and movies trivialize relationships, and people are treated more like commodities than creatures needing warmth, stability and close,loving attention. It all starts within the family----cultivating strong moral standards in children results in adults who are morally responsible, and who seek relationships based on conviction and not frivolity. Unfortunately these days, too many moonlight kisses end up cooling in the warmth of the sun.
  • Definitely and they we back in the 70s too. It's way to easy to call it quits than try to get along and work through the problems and no one wants to change enough for it to work out.

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