• Not necessarily. I have seen both sides of the coin and know that depending on the situation either one has a problem with telling the truth. In some cases it has been to not hurt or help the other. At other times it has been to keep something they have done wrong from coming back and biting them in the butt. So I guess my answer is no, women are just as capable as men with truth telling in a relationship.
  • I'm not saying that men don't tell the truth or that woman don't lie, but i do think men usually don't tell the truth as often in a relationship. In most cases they probably just try to protect our feelings because most guys think girls are extremely sensitive to everything.Which is true if you look at things from their prespective because they hardly ever cry. Though it depends on the couple because like i said, women lie too.
  • No. I don't think gender has anything to do with truthfulness in a relationship.
  • I think they are equal.
  • I think women don't lie as easily but it doesn't mean that they don't lie. Women seem to feel guilty easier. This is probably a biased opinion though. Being a woman myself I know that I suck at lying and my husband doesn't seem to have as much trouble with it. Of course it is all subject to personality and upbringing though.
  • I think women have a tendicy to love harder than men but we women can be just as deviece and untruthful as men. Especially when we have been hurt in the past.
  • No, I don't think women as an entire gender are more capable than men as an entire gender of being honey with their significant others. I think it depends upon the person. Each person is an individual, and each situation is different. However, it might be true that one gender may get away with lying more than the other one can - probably men. But I don't think that men are less honest inside than women. JMO.
  • I don't know about this but relationships are most important for women, work is most important for men, statistically.

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