• Is this one for elementary students, keithold? They invented the first mechanical thing that actually flew under its own power with a human at the controls, 1903, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.
  • They manufactured great bicycles .......; )
  • They created a hole to the chorochrone,jumped in,visited 3467 AD and killed @f3ta1ω. If an anonymous guy asked that i'd say go do your homework kid!Even my eleven years old sister knows that they created the airplane!Most of your questions really provide information on sth but not this one.
  • They had the publicity on their flying machine that Jacob Broadbeck didn't get. Mr. Broadbeck flew a powered controlable aircraft about 50 years earlier than the Wrights did.
  • They invented and flew the Kittyhawk.
  • They offered in-flight entertainment.
  • cause people can fly now
  • It was the butterfly effect.
  • They helped make it smaller, so to speak. Air travel was a massively important development in a wide variety of ways, enabling more rapid delivery of goods, for example. People could visit places easily that would really have been prohibitively distant before, and this enabled us all to learn far more about each other, which is a huge positive. I could go on great length, but suffice it to say that the world hasn't been at all the same, for good and ill, since air travel became possible. The Wright Brothers weren't alone in their importance, I should point out -- many people contributed to early developments in aviation,
  • Info better gotten to through an encyclopedia.

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