• That depends on a variety of factors, such as location of the property, finish quality, comparable properties, etc. If you are finishing an unfinished area you will receive better "pay-back" than if you are simply carving up an existing finished area (generally a bad idea with no pay-back). I would need more information to make a better assessment.
  • If you plan on renting it out, about two too three hundred more dollars a month.
  • about 10k
  • Depends on whether you're selling or renting. If you're renting it out, a spare bedroom can yield you as much as, say, $600 per month. If you're selling, how does the buyer know it's a bedroom? Maybe to him, it's a home gym. Everything is relative.
  • I did mean the value as far as equity in a house if it was sold. I have 2 original bedrooms with 2 additional rooms added on. One is my home office and one is fixed as a spare bedroom. I would list my house as a 4 bedroom house.

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