• I like a tomboy. The most attractive girl I had dated to a certain point, was more assertive and stood up for what she felt like doing that day or evening. This took me totally by surprise and I was invigorated by it. But there's a lot of latitude in your question. If by wimpy you mean delicately feminine and tomboy you mean a frumpy girl who wears hooded sweatshirt jackets with an untucked shirt, then I reverse my answer.
  • It depends on the guy. But why must it be either wimpy or tomboy? I know plenty of people who are not wimps or tomboys
  • I mean assertive athletic well even agressive women -not the frumps-and wimpy the most drastic ex can't open a lid or fill a gas tank and always dresses ultra feminine
  • I overwhelmingly perfer the tomboy
  • That all depends on the guy. Some are attraced to passive girls, and others attracted to a tomboy who can do what she wants when she wants, such as making home repairs, playing sports, or her demeanor in general. To each his own. It's all in the eye of the beholder.
  • I prefer neither
  • Wimpy ? You mean the place that used to serve beef burgers, before McDonalds arrived ?
  • If I HAD to pick one or the other I'd say wimpy, but only because I intensly dislike tomboys. My preference would actually be for a feminine but assertive type.
  • tomboys--
  • I would say they like something in-between. A man wants you to be assertive, intelligent and to be living your own life, but they don't want to be rugby tackled onto the bed either. In western society men have been pre-programmed to feel a need to protect his woman, and denying him his masculinity will result in a power struggle. The only thing you can do is shrug you shoulders and make him THINK that you need him lots. Trust me, it works.
  • What one guy likes, another guy might hate. Some guys don't like either. Some guys might like both. Some guys might prefer one over the other. It depends on his preference.
  • i defanitly dont like little whimps, but i dont want a girl stronger than me?
  • Although physical appearance has a lot to do with it, women/girls who are strong, self-willed and intelligent really turn me on. Of course, this doesn't apply to all guys - everybody has there own 'fetish'.
  • Well, I can't speak for all men, but I don't realy like any girl who has this predetermined image of herself as either one. But I geuss between the two, I'd pick a tomboy, wimps are just so boring.
  • I mean assertive-physically strong not squemish and not a girl who can't "do anything" Imean atheltic and tough and somewhat agressive-larger in stature than "normal" and muscular somewhat-a sports girl not a barbie doll player
  • I do like girls that are shy, and that I can take care of because being a guy that's in my nature. But mainly I like a bit of both, a girl that is kind of shy and lets me take care of her, however she can take care of herself
  • I think some of the top answers explain it well enough. Though for my individual opinion, I actually like both.
  • Neither. I like the confident, assertive, intelligent type who can be very lady like and still go rock climbing or jump out of an airplane.
  • Tomboy refers to boys. The features boys are given by evolution do not attract me; So if it has to be one or the other, IT'S GIRLS FOR ME, WHIMPY OR NOT, unless I need someone to swap an engineblock or fix my roof ;-)
  • Tomboys, I HATE wimpy people, however if you're talking ultra butch bulldyke type 'girls' I don't like them either. Wow, i sound really harsh, at the end of the day, everybodies personalities are different and i would never dismiss someone just becasue they fall into any catagory.
  • If I could combine Laura Prepon and Mila Kunis from That's 70's Show, that would be ideal =)
  • Wimpy girls,for when I was young it was ,and is, an attractive female trait.
  • Definitely wimpy girls. Girls should depend on men for protection. they should wear dresses and do their hair, make up, and nails.
  • Not only should a girl be wimpy, but she should also be really feminine. I married a small filipino woman. She is sweet and really pretty. She wears dresses about 90% of the time. She is by far the weakest person I have ever met. She can't open a gatorade bottle. She has to use the little kids ball when we bowl. She can't do a pushup.Her cousin who is not a tomboy beat her in arm wrestling in less than a second. My wife was 23 and her cousin was 12. On top of all that, the closest my wife has been to a fight was when a girl pushed her to the ground. My wife started crying and begged her "Please don't hurt me, I'm so weak!" With all these physical weaknesses she is always very happy. She does not mind making dinner because she knows I have to do the manly work. Finally, as a man there is something special about having a small delicate little flower next to you always wearing a dress and knowing that you are clearly the protector.
  • if i were a guy(which i'm NOT!!) i would choose neither..cuz i would like a girl that is very lady like,likes 2 go onto rollercoasters,umm..likes 2 snowboard and snowmobile and loves music (country hip-hop and pop) thats wat i would choose..
  • Somewhere in between. Too much of either one is not hot.
  • I'm not a guy so I wouldn't know... but hopefully they prefer a girl who's a bit of a tomboy :}

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