• Absolutely. you might also buy her a birthday cake with 16 roaring candles. She will never foret it.
  • If she's soppy and a typical girl, then she'll probably be happy with that, if she's like me, she'd give them back to you ;) I don't like typical and cliched presents. I think it shows that you couldn't think of anything else to get her, a bit like chocolates and pyjamas. I can't think of anything else you could get her, given the category your question is in I assume you're her boyfriend. I just suppose it depends on her personality. You know her better than any of us. I'd prefer a picnic somewhere beautiful.
  • I think a 16-year-old girl would love it. I'm sure she hasn't received lots of "cliched" presents at her age. I certainly wouldn't get her flowers all the time, but once in a while will make her smile. Just be sure to include a card!
  • Red roses generally (in the language of flowers) represent romantic intent. If this is a platonic gift then red roses might be inappropriate. Otherwise, it is a safe bet. Rose buds represent a new or potential relationship. Open blooms represent an existing or mature relationship.
  • You bet! My daughters both have a liking for yellow roses though. I had 16 yellow roses delivered to them in school, on their 16th birthday (a couple of years apart). This is a memory both of them treasure.
  • Ya sure they are. Drop into for some unique birthday gift and party ideas for teenagers.
  • It's a really romantic gift, although you must consider which colour would be good, but I think it could be romantic...
  • Full, opened red roses convey passion, perhaps a bit intense for a 16 year old. Why not accentuate her purity, innocence, and virginity...certainly admirable attributes for one having her Sweet 16th Birthday? White daisies symbolize innocence, and white roses harken to purity and virginity. In roses, buds are more appropiate for symbols of youth and sterling promises of a bright future. White lillies symbolize purity and innocence, as does Babies Breath, used extensively in all arraingements and bouquets. Avoid yellow roses as they mean jealousy and infidelity, and red roses if she is catholic, as they symbolize the Virgin Mary, and some aunts take offense. Do not use carnations of any kind as it is a symbol of betrothal (esp. to the Chinese, who view it as a symbol of marriage). Ditto on Poppies as they are the symbol of death. A novel approach might be to have TWO simple arrangements: one in a vase for display in her home with her parents and family, and the other more personal, as in a comb or simple wreath for her hair (babies breath and small white sweetheart roses are stunning for this), or even a corsage to wear to dinner that night. Just some ideas to make it memorable and special for HER.
    • Bootsiebaby
      How do you know she is a virgin, blessings?
  • It is.... but she'd probably prefer cash.
  • Yes, 16 red roses is good present. You can also buy birthday cake, and arrange small party for her, you can invite school friends of her on party. This is big surprise for her on birthday.
  • I would say so, yes.
  • I had my first pair of platform boots for my 16th birthday. That was my most memorable present ever.

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