• i would think its very painful for the animal
    • ReiSan
      No, a bullet kills instantly.
  • I am in favor of it, for hunting is a natural instinct of humans. Extremist groups, especially PeTA and ALF, demonize it for their own sinister ends. They collect millions from na
  • All for it, I'm the master
  • Because there is less habitat for animals to live in they soon over populate and area making less food available. The animals often starve to death a horrible death or in cold country freeze to death. This is especially true for deer. Every few years they have a hunt on the Air Force Academy lands in Colorado Springs, CO because the population of deer gets so large they starve and become so poor they can hardly get around. I am in favour of hunting to thin the population. I have also enjoyed hunting most all my life.
  • against but i cant stop people from doing it, i just wouldnt do it myself
    • Venus1485
      Don't but don't tell anyone he can't.
  • I'm for hunting, because it's natural to humans, and nothing is wrong with it. Only PETA demonizes it, and PETA is a nutty group of terrorists and con men. No sane person heeds such nuts.
  • Forgainst! 8-6-2008

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