• I'd set up trusts for my daughters.
  • My split personality Frank...
  • hmmmm, thats hard. My only known family member besides my mom brother and sister is my grandparents, and there already richXD I'd probably just devide it so each of my friends and family got there fair share, or mabey I would run around the streets and give homeless ppl moneyXD or I could donate it to the red cross, who knows? or I could just save it till I got another million dollers and use that million on my self instead!
  • My husband so I would inherit it by default, or: My mother, where I would inherit some of it by default.
  • Cars for my friends, help for my family and some to charity...
  • I would buy a house for my son and pay his bills
  • My family!
  • I would set up trusts for my kids - but not excess amounts because I believe in working hard for what you want. I would use the rest to help build fresh water wells in 3rd world countries.
  • Holidays for people that had been diagnosed with terminal Cancer and their families.The cost of a nurse if necessary. That would I hope, give the family some happy memories
  • Since I love spending on family and friends more than I do on myself, I would spend a portion of it on family and friends! I would donate a portion of it to my favorite charity, Sistercare, and another portion of it to homeless shelters around my town. Finally I would buy my son a nice beach house in the Outer Banks where he can put his mom into retirement anytime he wants.
  • i'd pay off my mother's house my sister's college funds their cars my best friend's family business my other friend's college tuitiion the mosque i go to needs some serious reconstruction i'd bring my friend's husband to america - if there was a way possible fix the fence on the house paint the exterior of the house - it really needs it relief of victims in palestine AIDS research and help for swaziland cancer research there's this homeless guy named marvin down by where i hang out all the time i'd get him a job, a place to stay, a bunch of clothes and living supplies until he was on his feet for himself . whatever i didn't spend yet i'd save for my future children if i ever got married
  • I would give it to my girlfriend, who would then use it to buy me gifts. Duh...
  • I'd give it to my family...
  • I'd pay off my family's debts. Then I'd pay for Aris to visit his clan in Romania. For as long as he wanted. And I'd see that they had what they needed there, as well. Then I'd buy Aris a home, wherever he wanted, and set the taxes up to be paid for as long as he owned it (if there were taxes there).
  • That's an easy one. Because It wouldn't need a "catch" , I'd do it anyway.

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