• No, I wouldnt. I think they look hilarious.
  • I dressed my last dog in clothes for a laugh once. But the whole thing about dressing dogs for look is stupid. Some dogs need to have a coat on for their winter walks. That's the only time it's acceptable IMHO.
  • It depends on the pet. I personally wouldn't put clothes on any pet, but some animals actually like wearing clothes. If they don't like wearing them, then it's wrong to do, and should be considered animal abuse.
  • For more than a picture (if they'd hold still for it)? No, and even then, nothing more than glasses and/or a hat. However, if the dog has problems with cold and snow, maybe (again, if they are willing), a "coat and boots". Our little one just decides he's too cold and runs to Mom to be picked up, or the door. ;-)
  • No more than I would carry an animal around with me all day when it already has twice as many legs as I do and can run faster than me anyway. I put dressing up your pet (for reasons other than the humor factor) in the same catagory as that stupid poof-ball hair cut on poodles. It amazes me that pets who have this done to them don't kill their owners and then commit suicide by running in front of a semi.
  • Never have and never would. They are born without clothes and it's their natural state to be that way. I have never had pets that needed clothes or anything else to protect them from the environment they were in.
    • Roaring
      Well said.
  • They come with a build in coat, I can't see the point :-)
  • We did try to dress a cat up just for fun and she protested every step of the way too. That was just for the moment. No I think it's wrong to dress them up. Scotties do not need to wear the Campbell colors in a plaid body suit.
  • I have 2 whippet. Tkkie wears a rain and wintercoat when the weather calls for it. Midas one only when temperatures drop below 10 Celsius. And of course they wear their sportoutfits when racing. We didn't reaaly believe in dagjackets untill Takkie started loosing weight rapidly when skiing and walked him "naked". Since he gets to wear his coat and keeps his weight better in the snow and cold. Takkie in red and Midas under black and white.
  • There is no wrong or right...but dressing them up for fashion purpose isnt healthy to any dog,but if is winter putting coat on smaller dogs is ok it will keep them cold.My dogs wear boots when we hike or in a winter when snow just to protect their paws...many of them had accidents like cutting their paws through,or got bad blisters and horrible cracks from salt on roads in winter and burned feet from hot pavements in thats a good prevention.
  • I would put a coat on a short haired dog and little booties to keep his feet warm if we went for a walk, but that is the extent of it. I thinks its wrong to dress a dog in costumes. If they were meant to wear pink their fur would come that color.
  • I might put a sweater on them if they were cold outside and sometimes their feet need to be protected but I wouldn't dress them up just for the sake of dressing them up. But I also don't think it's wrong.
  • If I were that pet, I'd jump off a bridge.
  • NO NO NO NO. they do not enjoy it.....quit bothering the poor things!! love them and leave clothes off of them!!!!!! right NOW, ya heah!?!?!?

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