• no, id call a conference and have a love sit in
  • I could hit him with making an assignment for its loveliness and in acceptable proportion to the peril! for instance,f it tries to cut my head I can pull its ear severely!
  • Hit it, kick it, shoot it..whatever the case may be :)
  • if it was attcking i wouldn't hesitate to kill it
  • Absolutely. It's an can't reason with it.
  • I would do what I have to do to protect humans, animals or property, staring with the least hurtful on up
  • I was joking around with someone who loved animals and asked her if she'd ever hit a dog in self defense (fully expecting the rational answer of yes). She paused to ponder the question and replied "I'd really have to think about it." Come on!
  • yes all animals need discipline
  • Of course for instance: I wouldn't just stand there whilst some chav's pitbull mauled my throat, I'd violently gauge it's eyes out at the first possible chance and perhaps take further action, sentencing it to death.
  • There is an irony that people who are fanatic for their love of animals or animal rights wouldn't hesitate to attack or kill a human who was abusing an animal.
  • I love myself more then an animal so yes.
  • Uhhhh...only if after attempting to disengage it, it would not relent, I suppose.
  • Only if it were a large animal capable of killing me. E.g. big dog, yes, small dogs and cats I would run away from. My other option would be to try to submit the animal (like a dog) by holding it's mouth shut.
  • If its a lion or something that will kill me I have to do something real fast to save my life, but if its a small animal then no.
  • i would incapacitate them without harm if possible... hitting it will do little good... i would go for the neck and legs until it became calm... or i would get eaten if its something bigger than me.
  • If I am being physically attacked by an animal, a man or or anything else, I will react defensively. Anyone who has every swiped at a bug that is biting or stinging them will recognize the inborn, defensive mechanism in us.
  • my life (or any human life) over theirs any day. and i love animals
  • My only two experiences fizzled into harmlessness. Once a herd of cattle came charging at my brother and I across a field. I was incensed rather than fearful. My intention was to whack the obvious leader (an unusual lone longhorn) with my bicycle, but for reasons unknown they veered off down to the river before they reached us. Conceivably the leader sensed my hostility - or perhaps became aware that I had a plan that could prove dangerous for him.
  • The other time was when an Alsation came growling with hostility down a back-garden path and belligerently blocked my passage along a narrow laneway. I wasn't going to be threatened or turned back by a bad-tempered canine, and I kept going, the thought passed through my mind 'If I get hold of you Mr, I'll wring your miserable neck'. It was just an idle thought, I had no real workable plan in mind, and would not have wanted to hurt the dog because it couldn't help the way it was, but the animal let out a whimper and slunk back down his garden path tail between his/her legs.
  • I would use as much force as needed and not a drop more. Same as I would VS a person. After all, humans are animals, and I mean that scientifically.
  • Whenever I hear about some adult being mauled to death, I can't help but wonder if they were trying not to harm the attacking animal.
  • Depending on the animal, hitting it might aggravate it further, causing it to bite me again--and harder. If I knew hitting it would force it to let go--yes.
  • No I would pat it on the head until it was dead.
  • Noi wouldnt there have been times my sisters dog went for me and I just stayed still and it went away so no I wouldnt :)
  • Yes, without hesitation.
  • If it can really hurt me i would try to defend myself if i could. But if it was a big animal like a elephant, rhino, lion e.t.c i would just run

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