• I would say 5. You need it for some things, but I dont have to live large to be happy.
  • A 3 tops
  • I always believed that happiness and sacrifice are more important than money, land or riches. That was only until a decade ago...... It was then that I became jobless and due to circumstances beyond my control couldn't get one for quite some time in spite of all my sincere efforts. Although I fully supported my family during this time both financially and otherwise, the attitudes changed drastically. And I really mean drastically... People started showing me their real faces assuming that I will NEVER get any job or I may be asking favors from them or somehow become a liability. Although have never felt shy of requesting any help if one was available, I have always believed in my own efforts and the Blessings of God. After having done so much for so many people openly and in hidden all my life, it was a real shock and an eye opener finding out that only two things are important for people no matter what they say… 1. Money available to them 2. Money available to them 3. Money available to them 4. Money available to them 5. Money available to them 6. Money available to them 7. Money available to them 8. Quality Time you spend with them 9. Quality Time you spend with them 10. Quality Time you spend with them So at the fag end of my life, the importance of money on a scale of 1-10 is INFINITY. Importance, mind you ! Not accumulation !!! PS: By the grace of God after losing everything precious to me in my life, now I am almost back at the top. Well almost… Thanks God for that…
  • 10 ;) It may not make me happy right away, but it does make life a little easier.
  • I'd have to say a 9. Im on a fixed income and every penny counts.

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