• Yes they can. Depends on what the contract of employment requires - this contract was either written or verbal at the time you started working there. most often it is written for larger corporations that know that it is important to do everything in writing so no legal action(s) can take place. Smaller business and small business owners tend to do things 'family' meaning they are more personable and verbally tell things to foster the 'family business' atmosphere. Some companies may choose to purchase the uniforms of their employees. Others may include a small payment in the pay check to purchase uniforms, and some believe that the paycheck is more than sufficient to supply work clothing - it all boils down to the contract of employment.
  • It depends on the state. Federal law allows it, but many states do not.
  • Where I work, they charge us for the cleaning of the uniforms but not for the uniforms themselves.
  • Yes, they can and they do.
  • Here in Florida, they can & do. We knew of a gentleman's Club that would charge the cocktail waitresses $70 for a used uniforms...
  • Absolutely. I have $125 of useless pink polos to prove it. I've had them for years but just can't bring myself to throw them away...I spent a hundred and twenty-five freakin' bucks on the five of 'em! Argghhh...
  • Must be very expensive for the worker. You will probably have to have at least two uniform each time, one you wear and at least one in reserve. Also, imagine if the employer decides to change uniform each year...
  • In the UK we claim it back as a 'Tax deductable' :o)
  • In a lot of places, yes.
  • Sure, if it is expressed as a part of your job from the beginning and you were aware of it. If they change the rules after the fact, then I dont know?
  • Yes they can.Mines does it.Although i still think they should provide uniforms for their employees.Its kind of harsh.Especially for me cuz my companies uniform is expensive and yet the material is so cheap.
  • Yes. Some do some don't. Even the military charges for their uniforms!

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