• Yes, but hamsters tend to be friendlier. Either way, they're fun to play with, but you have to make sure you keep their cage clean. It usually needs to be cleaned every couple of days. So if you have the time for them then yes, they are great pets!
  • Yes gerbils are good pets, but if you are looking for a more affectionate/playful pet, I recommend rats, I have had many rats over the years and I absolutely love them, they are smart, easily trained to do tricks, they will come when you call them, they love sitting on your shoulder, are good with little kids and even other pets. The rat I have now (Sweetie Pie 2yrs old) will curl up and sleep on my chest while I am watching TV at night, she licks us(like a dog), she plays 'fetch' with a superball, and loves to play outside in the yard. Females tend to be more affectionate and playful, the males I've had tended to be kind of lazy (but still good pets).
  • Gerbils are more intelligent in an instinctive manner. Thus their different characters are pretty obvious. Most gerbils will allow you to handle them, but those startled will become timid if you don't approach with assurance. In my perspective, gerbils features look exactly like hamster, except an additional furry tail; differs from a scaly rat's. Gerbils are more sociable, and requires a companion. In fact, they're better in groups. They're curious and a little mischievious. Living up from 2 to 4 depending on how you raise them.
  • ive never had them but they sound like they would be

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