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  • well, it's like when someone says their brother-in-law is very avant-guarde when what they really mean is he's crazy as a sh*t-house rat. Euphemism is a polite way of saying something blunt.
  • Sure I can! I asked this ( just last week.
  • dead tree edition (printed, paper version of digitally available resource) meat-space (anonym of cyber-space) to defecate: pinch/squeeze/back one out lay some cable paint the bowl drop the kids off at the pool got one lurking in the pipework menstruation: on the rag got the painters in riding the crimson wave Although many of those are dysphemisms, the impolite anonym of euphemism, which is a polite way of putting a delicate statement.
  • Many euphemisms are idiomatic, even clichéd, such as: "Lady of the Night" for prostitute, or "He's a sensitive boy" instead of wimp... although he might actually be a sesnsitive boy. People often speak crudely by using lots of Euphemistic substitutions, to the extent that in some contexts and in some tones of conversation, almost any word can be made to mean something sexual. Did you look it up? There are some good links to follow through. Check it in an etymological dictionary and you'll get some historical background. But spell it correctly or it won't work.
  • Euphemisms: When they say they are spanking their ain't no monkey
  • I had my dog "fixed" the other day.....No, I had the vet rip out her ovaries.
  • Euphenism is the substitution of an unpleasant offensive term for one that is complementary. An example could be First Nations Peoples instead of Indians. The substitution of a polite term for one that may be offensive for example cashier want to be called sales person rather than cashier
  • "Cut the cheese" "Let fluffy off the chain" "Alter the atmosphere" "Drop one" "Drop a clanger". "Break wind" All euphemisms for farting.
  • No, but I can give you an example of a EUPHEMISM...
  • better not or later

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