• Woman too go on drinking sprees every now and again as well... I personally don't think it helps, it just seems to supress the problem at hand. Just be careful in what his drinking sprees are leading him to do or how often he is needing to go on these drinking sprees.
  • The same reason women do it. Anytime that a person does something excessivley it is a sign to a more serious problem. It is a self destructive behavoir that is not really gender bias. Find out what the problem is and then you will be able to help them. And no it does not help for anyone to go on a drinking spree, EVER!
  • Drinking sprees help in the short term. They let you get out, cut loose, and forget the worries for a little while. This is the reason anyone goes on them. The problem is that you have to sober up and realize that the problems are still there. Drinking may have changed the situation, but probably made it worse (you spent money, etc). The drinking is an attempt at escapism. The problem with escapism is that it solves nothing.
  • Often there isn't a whole lot that can be done when someone is spiralling down into addiction or alcoholism -- although its certainly worth the effort of confronting them regularly and firmly. All addictions have this ability to "numb" one to the consequences of their trajectory. The more you can penetrate the wave of numbness and show people the consequences, the more likely you are to wake them up a bit. But its still a low-percentage game. Unfortunately, most folks have to "hit bottom" and stay there for a significant period of time before they start to show a lot of interest in cleaning up. Lets hope your friend isn't in this category. Good idea to make lots of noise with him though -- being polite about it definitely does not work.
  • I was feeling nervous a couple of hours ago, so I went to the kitchen and prepared a couple of Rum and Coke glasses. They help, and they are a lot cheaper than a professional therapy. Of course, that's was something incidental, it happens maybe once every other week. If it gets worse, i know where to go, to the professional who helped me before. I am OK now,it was just a bad moment.
  • It helps them in a way that drinking is their outlet to releases their tension and pressure from the problems. But it won't help solve the problem perse cause at the end of the day, the problem is still there.
  • Some women do it too. Although men do it more then women I believe. For me it only makes the problem at hand worse or suppresses the problem till it becomes a bigger problem latter.
  • both men and women go on drinking sprees to try and forget their problems but it only makes them worse. it really doesnt help at all.

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