• Good hoes that fear you. Make sure you baby powder your hand before you slap em fo' talkin back.
  • Loyal employees. In another answer here, "sourpatchkid" reveals the time-tested and usual method of insuring such loyalty. A drug habit and serious lack of self-esteem on the part of the "employee" also assist in decreasing "turn-over" for the good pimp. A good pimp is a bit of an oxymoron, eh?
  • A strong desire to abuse and degrade women. And a purple suit.
  • Just a good pimp slap . And you have to know how to walk correctly, like a true pimp. Like a fork is stuck in your shoe...
  • Utter lack of any moral aptitude, lack of the ability to want those morals or even miss having them, complete disregard for well-being of others, a violent streak, a delight in abusing others, and really, really bad taste in clothing and accesories.
  • A good backhand.
  • backhand fearing women that are more than 50% plastic and willing to go get it, a swagger and a cane to support when swaggering leaves you leaning dangerously close to falling over, flashy clothing, customers, and a pimp name... i meet only a few of the criteria so that makes me a bad pimp 8( you might want to take into account that a real pimp will answer this much better :D
  • what idiots......slapping has nothing to do with a pimp...yo game should be so tight u shouldnt have to ever lay a hand on a bitch..and when u do its not something u enjoy it jus gots to be 2 keep dat bitch in line.u can use other pimps beating ther hoes to you advantage cuz u can pull dat bitch cuz she will get tired of dat nigga beatin on her ass.
  • a great pimp hat?
  • A Cadillac, Gold Teeth, and a Limp.

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