• Sweet T, that is too big a question for anybody to answer on AB. Do you know how long the Constitution of the US is now? And it is just a "guide". The laws of every country would fill a large library. That is one reason we have lawyers. We gripe about them and make jokes about them...but we need them.
  • Only 1 law: Don't piss off the leader (me) Only 1 punishment: Death
  • I would keep mostly the same laws that we have now, except for: 1. People that rape people will have a harsher punishment than drug dealers. (unlike the US punishments now, a rapist gets like 2 years and a drug dealer gets sentenced to life? what kinda crap is that)Also, i would enforce the eye for an eye thing for rapists. Whatever you do to someone, you will get back from someone you don't want it from. 2. I would change the censorship law in my country. I was listening to the radio the other day and the censored the word "underwear". What the hell? 3. There would be no politics. You listen to me, or get the hell out. And if you wanna play dirty see #1. That's all :)
  • Goooood morning, Sweet T! My laws are eat, drink, and be merry. If you fail to follow the law, you're getting tossed in the pool! :D
  • I would force all to get along and accept others for who they are. If you had hate for somebody you would have to ignore them or leave, no shit starting.
  • That's easy. 1. Murder not in self defense punishable by death, but only if there's no chance of innocence. 2. Rape punishment determined by victim, but only if it can be proven that the victim is not lying about the rape. 3. Child rape punishable by torture and then death. But consensual sex (like say between an 18 year old and a 16 year old) is not considered rape like it is in the US because that's just dumb. 4. Fighting is punishable by fines and anger management classes. Assault, (where one party does not want the fight) will carry a short jail sentence, anger management courses, and fines. 5. Drug use is illegal. 6. Alcohol is legal, but requires a drinking license. Drunk driving results in immediate loss of both drinking and driving license. Alcohol abuse classes are mandatory. A second offense results in immediate jail time. 7. Guns are 100% LEGAL to own carry and use in self defense and sport. Heavy courses and mental screening would be used before ownership however. And safety violations (such as not locking you gun up can result in immediate loss of ownership rights. ... I could go on all day, but I really could improve lives a lot if I ran a country.
  • one law' you kill you are killed, you rape you are killed you steel you are killed its simple !
  • Here it is:
  • I've always been intrigued with the concept of letting the crime be the punishment. Sort of like eye-for-eye, what is done by some is done to them in return. Publicly for all to see. No ifs, ands, or buts. If you strap your kids in the backseat of a car and push it into water, killing them by drowning, well, guess what...the same is done to you. If you kill a dog by wrapping his head completely in duct tape on a hot day, then the same should be done to you. I'd bet that would make a real dent in crime, and if not, it would be swift and sure justice against the perpetrators.
  • Everyone must always tell the truth Everyone must treat one another with kindness No one may insult/harm/hurt anyone else Everyone must try to help all the time, no matter what The penalty, for any infraction of the above, is exile to another dimension, where you will only be with those who are exactly like may demean, vilify, ignore, harm and insult one another for eternity! :)
  • One law yo... Behave. If you don't, you go. (If you have any questions on 'behave' then we won't let you in to begin with, right Sweets?)
  • My country name would be : Rainbow Kill the convicted Killers Rape the rapers!! * child moelstors ** ** WOMAN ** Have the right cut the guys genitals.. who cheat on their partners... *** Have a cure for AIDS and Cancer ** ** NO DRUGS ** ALLOWED AT ALL.... AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST ********* PEACE 2 THE WORLD **
  • My first law I'd institute is reverse retirement. Everyone is retired until their 40 and everything is paid for. As soon as you hit have to start working and for the rest of your life until you drop dead. You see...its not fair you work all your life.......then get Alzheimers. Punishishment? Legalize everything and let people choose if they want to destroy themselves while keeping it safe for others who choose not to do so.

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