• Yes, mine had to do with my children.
  • yeah, if he says he's gonna give me twice what i made at my last job...hes my new boss lol
  • If he says i can love you even though your children drive me Crazy, But I love them too:), and "Can I help you with your History homework":) Then I will know he is the one:):)
  • No! i don't take the saying anymore, i got so disappointed, Now i just take the Actions... which speak louder than words. He'll let me know if he is the one for me by making me happy or at least try to and he is happy with it too.
  • NO. I had a date for tomorrow night which I'm cancelling because if I like him, he must be a loser so why bother?
  • Anyone can say anything. All he has to do is watch a movie and copy what ever line he sees that works. You can wait a long and lonely lifetime for someone to say exactly what you think he should say, while a town load of realy great people pass by you every day. Don't hold out for a fantacy that will probably never happen. Words are very cheap. Action is what really matters. Sometimes people just don't know how to express themselves. Please don't wait for a phony when you can have the real thing.
  • No .. it takes a whole lot more than a few words for me to know that anyone is the one.
  • No. Someone can say "I love you" and still not be "the one"! :) Happy Saturday! :) ((hugs))
  • I can't figure out what to say;)HHHHHHHMMMMMMM, Maybe thats why I am Still Single;)Lol;)!!
  • "make love" Lol!!!
  • get the strawbwerries , cream and feaher duster
  • Well, at one time if they could have told me about my dream with out me telling him what it was, I would have thought we were soulmates. No man has been able to do that. Woman on the other hand.... but I married a man and he is the best.
  • This may seem crazy, but I once thought "If a man buys me a computer, I'll know he's the one." I of course never expected anyone to buy me a computer, so I guess I used it as an excuse to avoid commitment LOL. Sort of like a "when hell freezes over" sort of thing. But as fate would have it, one day a guy I was dating showed up at my doorstep with a brand new computer in tow as a gift! I never ONCE asked him for ANYTHING!! Boy oh boy was that freaky. Later on in the relationship, I discovered he really and truly IS the one, and I'm madly and happily in love now, so you never know! Sometimes fate is just fate!

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