• black shoes goes with navy blue. brown shoes goes with brown or tan. black socks black shoes.
  • I would say black. Def not brown...and do you actually have a pair of navy blue shoes? Cool.
  • Black is standard, and you can't go wrong with black ever, though it depends on the shirt and the tie.
  • i wouldn't wear the norm, black shoes. boring. pump it up a little. red is awesome! i would even say a light brown, more kahki color. i have a killer pair of heels from nine west, they are sooo comfortable, and they look good with anything and they aren't the normal boring black that EVERYONE wears. be different!!!
  • I think black ones look best.
  • 12-28-2016 It is up to you. There are no rules about wearing brown shoes with a blue suit. However, some people think it is a rule and it is the only rule they know, so to avoid offending those fear-bound people you would not wear brown shoes with a blue suit. If you want to surprise people, wear blue shoes. Most folks don't even know you can get blue shoes.
  • This is an ancient question, but it stands regardless ! Black shoes are the only way to go with a navy blue suit !! I might be an old biker, but I haven't forgot tradition !!
  • Brown look better with navy blue. Because Navy Blue is dark and black is dark cause them not to go together very well. Than you wear a tie That has blue and brown in it. Wear a light color shirt. Navy blue socks. You be stand tall.

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