• Sara....<shakes head>
  • That's actually pretty funny. I do something pretty similar, but I can't get away with it forever. I wind up dating people in the service industry so they give me free stuff. I don't do it on purpose, but it's an added bonus. Next on my list is a hot female sushi chef. How PIMP would that be?
  • No, but I stayed at a job for perks. They paid for about 60% of my MBA and law school.
  • Yeah, in a way. My first job I ever worked at I got because of I guess you can call them perks. I got paid under the table, so no taxes. My brother was my manager, so really no boss. I was 14 and worked in a wine/beer/deli, so...yeah...remember no boss really. And I always got free food since I could always just "mess up" an order and well that would become mine. I think those were all pretty good reasons to stay there all throughout high school. :)
  • I used to be a video game tester. I'm not joking. =P
  • I was a nude model for female students, but i had to give it up... It got too hard. hehe
  • Yes..years ago I had a full-time job for an architect and got a part-time job at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena just so I could get to read all the books I wanted to free of charge. I love being surrounded by books..I would have paid them to allow me to work there..I did, of course, receive a salary and when I had to quit because my full-time job got more demanding, they asked me to stay, offered to send me to school (I only had an A.A. degree) which made me feel quite special. I did not take them up on that offer and I have often wondered what would have happened in my life if I had! :)
  • I seriously thought about working at my gym for the same reason. You are so friggin' brilliant. It was definitely a perk to work at my parent's restaurant for a while and drink for free!!!!!!!!
  • That is why I'm a manwhore.
  • music store...I was getting paid in
  • Why do you want to meet all the trainers?
  • Yes ... I work temp/seasonal three weekends per year as an add on to the security crew at three major car races here in Montreal ... F-1, Indy, & Nascar. I like watching fast cars, but I would rather not have to pay vast amounts for a crap seat ... so I get paid to watch instead.
  • I did the same thing you are doing. I was in great shape, free membership, discounts on products, free daycare, and one of the trainers gave me a huge discount on her sessions. The only thing that got old, was being hit on all the time. I got some good tips though! I would have stayed if I hadn't hated the manager. She was awful! I still have friends there though, and I learned alot about fitness and my own body.
  • Working at a dive shop to get my instructor certification.
  • I got a job in a Pet Shop. I really love animals. Really, I love animals.

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