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  • 18, nothing less. A person provides it to you if you are younger will be paying a $5000 Euro Fine. About $9000 US dollars. Minors are not allowed in the coffee shops where marijuana is sold.
  • Yes, just like cigs in the US. Except I mentioned that $5000 Euro fine. They will be seizing your passport till you pay it. If you can find someone to sell to you sure. Just that the person selling to you will get at least that same $5000 Euro fine, about 6 months in jail and if a coffee shop it will be closed forever and hugely fined. FYI, marijuana in the markets runs $550 to %1500 Euros per ounce. And in all those coffee shops and the other marijuana markets, they check your id or toss you out. Otherwise you are also on camera and there is usually a foot patrol near by. So keep on your running shoes and hope you're faster than the cop. I should add you can simply go to Vancouver Canada where pot is openly smoked. Long as you look and act Canadian you can get away with it. But Canadians will turn in Americans for doing the same. Get caught with a marijuana citation in another country, have fun with US Customs when you get back. You will want old luggage as they will be taking it apart. Interpol reports the offense to the US. Thanks for the negative points. I want more. Trying to downgrade from Level 16 Authority. If others can please give me negative points, I appreciate them.
  • I have been to Amsterdam numerous times. Also seen numerous Americans arrested for violating the marijuana lays. Mostly buying too much or being caught smoking in public places other than the coffee shops or a remote park location. No I don't smoke that myself, in fact never have. But Americans are really stupid in other countries thinking they can do the same things in other countries as the locals. Forgot to mention. Except for something like a single joint in a coffee shop. You will have to get a National Marijuana Buyer's card. That runs $50 Euro requires police registration. Police will notify the US Consulate you obtained it. Get ready for that baggage search again. Will you get a card under 18? Don't make me laugh. My guss and with your mentality, you go to Amsterdam for 2 weeks, expect to stay 6 months or more working off that marijuana possession fine. As for your dad, good chance he will be there 2 years. And no, the Embassy or Consulate will not get you out of this. Well, on the good side, I heard the prison food is pretty good. And you'll play soccer. Although in prison your father will definitely get buggered. So, he might want to bring the Vaseline. And no, I am not kidding about any of this.
  • Case you might wonder. Most of those meat shop whore houses have now been closed. And no way you visit a prostitute if under 18. That would get the woman thrown out of the country after some prison time. And the prostitutes are all foreign nationals. You're so interested in smoking pot, go to Laos, Cambodia or Myanmar. Fine to do. Run into any problems, just give the cop $5 an they'll go away. Course go the wrong places and they'll never find your body.
  • this guy is right take aot of vaseline ur gonna be needng it say u get some weed pull it off smoke it in public ur only going to be more cocky an go back and do it again this wil continue till u get caught if under agers keep trying to buy and smoke weed in amsterdam it will become like <a href="" title="australia" style="", class="stronglinks" target="_blank" />australia</a> highly ilegal ur just ruining it for the oldergeneration for fuks sake wait a few years or get someone to buy it for u go back to ur motel room and smoke ur lil brain away

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