• oh my gosh! thats crazy!i actually have a birthmark in the same spot youre talking about! i swear! what do u mean by "is there a meaning"? theres no meaning behind my birthmark, i was just born with it.
  • Actually they say birth marks are signs of bodily trauma from a past life and are usually in the spot that was dealt a lethal blow. There have been research studies on this.
  • Good question, my daughter has a light brown spot in the center of her forehead. I told her it is where God touched her at right before he gave her to me. It is very small, like the tip of your finger. Unforunatly, some of the kids started calling her dot-head....She's nine and I think she's starting to get over being ashamed of it. I think it is unique...
  • depends how long they have had it
  • I have a birth mark on my stomach on the right side, its shaped like an Arabian sword, and I've been wondering what it means.
  • i read that birthmarks are connected to your past life. a woman who dies was hung to death and another woman had a white ring going arund her neck and had memories of her past life adn the the body of her past life was actually found. so , im just saying.... i have a birthmark on my forhead and the same like it inbetween my chest and stmoach area. i thnk maybe i was sht, i always feel a connection with bullets.

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