• Elementary school was about 5 miles from home. Mom drove me or I took the bus. Junior High #1 was 45 minutes away and I took the bus. Junior High #2 was 3 miles away and Mom drove me, I took the bus. High School was 4.5 miles away and i drove or got rides with friends.
  • Elementary was 1 mile, walked, even for lunch and back. long time ago, no buses for Catholic schools then.. high School 4 and 1/2, a bus..never got a ride to any school. I was a real skinny elementary school kid:) walk, walk and walk some more:)
  • Elementary, 1/3 mile, walked Jr. high, 2 miles downhill, skateboarded High school, across the street, hopped the fence
  • Elementary school - Less than 1/4 mile away. In good weather, I walked. Junior HIgh - About 3 miles away. I was dropped off and picked up by my parents or the parents of my best friend. High School - About 5 1/2 miles away. My freshman year I was dropped off and picked up my either my parents or my best friend's parents. My sophomore year on, I drove.
  • Jr. High, 4 miles (rural area) rode my bike. High school, 3 miles, mostly rode bicycle til I could drive legally, but drove or rode motorcycle many times anyway.
  • We moved so many times, it's hard to say. I lived a few blocks from school most of the time, and walked, even in the snow (I hate snow). One year we moved before the end of the school year, and I rode the city bus clear across town for the final few weeks.
  • First elementary School -- Rode bus Second elementary School/middle school/jr High -- walked & skateboarded to bus stop and then rode bus Other Jr. High -- Rode bus High School -- Rode bus to school, got rides home with parents, friends or boyfriend
  • Walked about 1/2 mile to elementary school. Usually bicycled 1.5 miles to junior high High school was about 4 miles away. My father typically dropped me off on his way to work, then I walked or rode a bus home.
  • Bus :)
  • My elementary was a few blocks away. I walked there and sometimes biked. My junior high was about a mile away. My parents drove me. My high school was about 3 miles away. My parents drove me again. University was 5 miles away. I took the bus.
  • I was amongst the luck few. Our school was exactly 10 minutes walking distance away from home. My best friend, who lived bang opposite and I used to walk together.
  • by bus
  • For my first term in Primary School, I lived on the other side of town to it, so my Grandad always gave me and my cousins a lift in his car. I was always the last in, a tradition that I have kept to this day. Halfway through my first year, I moved to within a 10 minute walk of my school. Four years later, I moved to another primary school that was literally next to my house. Now, my high school is only a three minute walk away, yet I'm still late every day.
  • In elementary school all eight years, I lived in the suburbs of the windy city Chicago. Through snow, ice, rain and wind, in four different schools I walked no less than one mile there and one mile back home. Finally, when I was in high school I rode a bus.
  • The two elementary schools were just under 1 mile. I walked. The high school was about 3 miles away. I walked in good weather, my mother drove us if it was raining, extremely cold or snowing.
  • I lived half a mile from my first elementary school and a few miles away from my second, and took the bus to both. I live a couple blocks away from my home junior high, and a few miles away from the junior high I go to, and I take the bus. I live a mile-ish from the high school I'm going to go to, and am going to take the bus until I can drive.
  • I lived there. We all had cycles at school.
  • My elementary school is 1.5 blocks away from my house- my mom drove me in the mornings and our baby-sitter would pick me up, my middle school is about 1/2 a mile from my house, my mom drove me in the morning and I would walk home, my high school is about 1.5 miles from my house and again my mom drove me and I would walk home. * college is about 9 miles from my home and I drive there. :)
  • Right now I live within walking distance to my old middle school. It is literally off a path at the end of my circle..I used to live farther from it and took the bus.
  • In our state, if you homeschool, you are considered to be a private school. So I guess technically we live in a school. When I was in elementary and Jr High, I lived on a ward line. That meant I was as far from a school as I could be and still go to that school. I went to elementary in one ward and Jr High in the other. It was a mile to either school and I walked. In High School, we moved to a farm in the state where I now reside. If you lived 6/10ths of a mile from the road, the bus would pick you up at the house. But my stepfather wouldn't let the bus turn around in our driveway, so I walked to the road, 6/10ths of a mile.
  • Always public transportation.
  • Elementary school was about one block around and down and I always walked. Junior high was much further, about 2-3 miles and I walked to school unless I was late and could get a ride. High school was VERY far, about 30 miles and I rode the bus real early in the morning or else my boyfriend(who became my husband) would drive me to school
  • Usually Nanny drove us.

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