• Make health care easier to afford. Mandate that insurance companies are not allowed to make a profit (the medical ones). Require the hospitals charge less for emergency care and other services. Require all hospitals across the country to have assistance programs (if not all of them have them). Raise taxes on the rich and lower them for the poor. Make trading oil futures illegal to keep prices lower at the pump. Revisit Roe v Wade and try to get it overturned. Make the states or whoever is responsible for the way collection agencies are get tougher on them.
  • I would make healthcare universal and single payer, after having declared martial law and the settling of some old scores, of course. "A Republican-Free America Is A Free America." "Mwa-ha-ha," laughs malevolently and rubs hands fiendishly.
  • Stricter enforcement of immigration laws Mandatory road-test for all drivers on an annual basis as of age 65. Institute a FLAT 10% income tax country-wide. If you made $100, you owe $10, if you made $10 million, you owe $1 million. No loop-holes, tax shelters or 20-page tax returns. No graduated penalty of higher percentage tax for higher income.
  • Mandatory education, literacy, independent thought process, democracy, deport the illegal immigrants, stop the war on Iraq, increase defenses of this country, increase security, F.B.I., C.I.A., have everyone within those departments pyschologically tested, questioned about links to terrorism, create laws against racism against the people of the Middle East, make laws against airing racism, propaganda (FOX news,) or mindless crap that makes no sense what-so-ever. I would change the court system making it impossible for bail, no bribing jury members, no lawyers because they can alter evidence and make excuses like oh well he's stupid he doesn't know any better!
  • immediately stop illegal immigration by fining employers who hire them and cutting off all assistance to them and their kids (even anchor babies), universal healthcare. , I would end all taxes for those who make under $50,000 a year and for everyone else, raise the taxes, I would do something about the cost of college education. It is unfair that students have to be so far in student loan debt when they graduate that they pay for it till they die. A normal student borrows 2-3 years worth of pay. ($60-$80,000) for 4 years.. this is ridiculous. I would build thousands of low income apartments for the homeless and low income.
  • Country: Canada Changes: (1) Make the country a dictatorship for about a week. (2) Death penalty for child molesters, with a mandatory public castration. (3) Increase funding for our hospitals and schools. (4) Make the immigration laws broader so that more people can get in, especially from warring countries. (5) Illegalize vegetarian poutine. (6) Knight the Montreal Canadiens. (7) I'm generally pro-choice, but women who have had over two abortions get sterilized. Because, srsly. (8) Illegalize the attempt to use loopholes in the system. (9) No more junk food in the school cafeterias, and mandatory physical education for all children and teenagers. The list goes on and on.
  • I'd repeal all laws not directly related to specific powers granted to the federal government in the Constitution. The Departments of Energy, Education, Labor and HUD would be gone within minutes. All else will take a few days to hammer out.

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