• I recently had to reinstall Windows XP Home Edition on my laptop due to a virus attack, and discovered that I had no sound. This is not due to a speaker issue or of the like, I know I need to download a sound driver but I'm not sure which. I have already been on the HP Website and downloaded the on it instructs me to download but the installation always ends in FAIL. If someone could direct me to a, preferably, free sound driver I'd be very grateful! And just in case you were wondering, I don't have a driver cd that came with my laptop, or if I did - it's been misplaced XD Oh and sorry, I do have a sound - a "beep" noise that occurs every once in awhile when an error occurs. Thank you
  • There are 2 drivers, did you try both? You should remove all remnants of the old driver before using the new one. Then after the driver install make sure there are no devices in Device Manager with an exclamation point (!) next to them.

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