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  • I have type 2 diabetes. I went to a maternal/fetal specialist for my pregnancy. My doctor stressed that for optimum results, fasting sugars should be no higher than 90, and after breakfast, lunch and dinner no higher than 120. I had a few outliers on my charts, like 150 after lunch, or maybe 98 for fasting, but that was small precentage of the time. Also, A1C should be around 5 preferrably no higher than 6. Mine at the beginning of my first viable pregnancy was 6.4 and of course got better because I was watching my sugars. Be aware, being a diabetic adn pregnant will do all sorts of things to your sugar! You will have loads of appointments, and you probably will not be allowed to go over 40 weeks not even 40 weeks and 1 day. They will want to induce you. Though we diabetics get plenty of ultrasounds which is nice becuase I think normal, non high-risky women only get one or at most 2. Good luck!
  • Yeah, that's alot sorry! But it's what you'll experience being a diabetic. They'll give you so much info that you may feel like your head is going to POP! (but don't worry, that doesn't actually happen) :-)It all depends on if you take care of your sugar. I didn't, thus with my first marriage, I tried for 3 years and nothing, then with my second marriage, I tried another 4 years. I did get pregnant in May 07, but my A1C was 11.4 which is as you know, horrible, awful, disgusting. Consequently, I lost that pregnancy because I had to play catch up getting it together and that first tri is where all the stuff is really coming together. I then got preg again 9/07 and then my A1C was 6 because I was still doing what I needed to do. My daughter was born 5/12/08 and she was PERFECT in every way. Physically/Mentally/Developmentally. When I saw your ? I had to write. Please know I'm thinking of you and I hope all is well. Feel free to ask anything, I'll happily share my experieince! :-) Kitten FYI--All of this is general, maybe your doctor will give you different guidelines and such. My doctor did tell me that I should keep my sugars good for at least a year before trying. But I think that is so I'd get used to doing what I needed to do.

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