• options... in my opinion theres less at stake with shares
  • NO buy, sell or hold advice. Shares of the corporation ARE FAR MORE risky than the options. Stocks can go to $0 and the entire investment is gone. Options can only lose the amount of the option. NO ONE will ever alert you about your trade, the position or what you are trading or investing in. With either investment the trader or investor should watch the trade or position he or she is in. "Plan the trade. THEN trade the plan." Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it! VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Sources: My wonderful family! My wonderful coaches and mentors! TWO [2] of THE ABSOLUTE BEST, MOST wonderful trading groups in the world, which I am most proud to be a member of! Trading stocks and options more than 3 years. "THE University of Hard Knocks" Also known as ("a/k/a") "life's valuable lessons".

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