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  • an intense physical and emotional peak of pleasure that washes through every nerve ending in your body releasing a huge satisfing rush of sexual energy making you feel wonderful and amazing filling your soul with delight.
  • For me an orgasm is... A low, tingling hum building from behind my balls. I feel the pressure start to stack. Sweat beads sparkle across my brow. Wave upon wave of intense pressure grow and swell. A warm sensation starts to fill the base of my cock. It slowly climbs upward, toward to tip of my erection. My body starts to tense up, as the warm feeling climbs higher and higher. My balls lift up closer to my hips. I can feel my heartbeat pulsating through every inch of every extremety. There is a certain point of no return, when the warm feeling completely fills my member, and I can feel it ready to burst. One more gentile movement or touch will equate release. This pressure creates a full body anticipation. I can feel the desire to climax in my toes. I continue... My abs clench, my asshole puckers hard, blood rushes firmly through my entire body, carrying with it an intense wave of tingles throughout even the smallest of vessels. My body begins convulsions, muscles tightening and relaxing without a spec of control. The hot fluid crawls it's way to the hole at the end of my hard-on. After everything was slowly building, there is a sudden flood of sensations, both physical and emotional, that encompass my body. Quickly now, the heat shoots up my shaft, in a steady pulse. The soft underside of my penis moves in a wavelike motion from back to front, as if there's an invisible figner forcing the flesh towards the top of my cock, shooting fuild out. I feel the passing of hot cum,as though I'm being stroked from inside my urethra, by billions of tiny feathers. It tickles, itches, and drains me so pleasantly. My convulsions are timed so rythmically with the streams of white fluid squirting out of my dick. All of the energy that built before climax was so intense, and now is quickly forcing it's way out of my body in steady pulsation. With the last spray, I am spent. The head of my meat is very sensitive to touch. A light brushing motion against the little V on the bottom of my mushroom head makes me squirm and clench up. I am physically, mentally, and emotionally spent. I like to lay there and feel the sensations ease away, like coming down from a good high. When it's all said and done, I feel exhausted, yet content. I feel as though the whole world paused for a few moments, as I acheived extasy. My heart is still pounding, my sweat glands still oozing, my body limp. I could lay there and sleep... But, now it's my wife's turn...
    • dorat
      Ya know, I was going to write a description of my own, but this pretty well nails it. You are one hell of a writer!
  • Now, a prostate orgasm is a little different. I feel the same humming behind my balls. I concentrate on the pleasant pressure inside my asshole. I feel the catylist ignite. My prostate begins to quiver, kicking every orgasmic sensation I know and love into full effect. In that moment when I have to decide if I should stop or continue, I can't help but push on. The hot juice forcefully slams into the head of my throbbing wood. I can feel my butt locking down and releasing it's strangle hold on what is stuck in my ass in a fast on-off motion. The cum starts to shoot out, my whole body stiffens, I lose vocal control and my moaniing is almost screaming. Every little spec of energy and power I have in my body floods into my cock. Firing off in rythmic heavenly release. I actually feel my strength pouring into the hot, white fluid before it launches itself from my body. My breath is hard to catch. Pulsating.... throbbing.... blood rusing outward from my heart.... Ahhhhhhhhhhh! The last drop has fallen. My asshole is still lightly clenching and releasing. My dick is still sensitive, sending shudders through my body at a slight touch. "Don't touch it." I slowly ease the wonderful fingers of my beautiful wife from my butt. I give her a big thank you kiss, and I lay there, unable to move. Damn, what a sensation. What's this? My wife's all too familliar dripping wet pussy is slowly pressing down on my face. I guess I'll just have to sleep a little later.
  • About the only thing I would throw in to what Josh wrote above - more by way of explication rather than improvement as it would be hard to improve upon what he wrote - is that as a man you basically stop thinking. In those moments a man is 100% animal instincts and can't focus on anything but the orgasm. It is very primal. However, my saying that almost seems redundant. I would be hard put to improve upon either of his descriptions. In fact, it is weird to hear someone so accurately describe what you feel. I'm impressed.

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