• You know Samantha, I don't know the answer without googling it. Then, I don't know that google could give me the right answer. First thing I thought of is that they might be since there are so many medical illnesses that are hereditary.
  • I've heard different things. I pay attention because my grandfather died young of one. Family history is never something to scoff at. And a family history of a tumor is certainly not a fact that decreases your risk.
  • Hi. Saw your post, i'd also be worried if i were you - but that's just me. I've been sick for a very long time, bronchitis, acid reflux, muscle spasms, chronic back pain, and the list goes on (for four months about), but i've started to get very dizzy lately, when im still, sitting, standing, reading etc. My mom had a brain tumour (but died before it really got to her) and my grandfather, on my fathers side, had back cancer (who also died before it killed him). I'm also starting to wonder if it is hereditary?? I dont know if i have anything, hopefully not, i want to live a long time, i'm only 26, but my advice, which is also advice i'm following, is to live healthy, lots of veges, water etc. Its easier said than done (as i do enjoy a glass of wine or 3) but far better than the alternative and allowing your life to run on autopilot. Gosh, I'm such i preacher...I should take my own medicine.
  • not that i know of, my aunt died of one and i never had one

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