• It's not really a case of how long it takes but the conditions around them. If they are in large bodies of water and good food sources, they can be many inches long in one year. We easily got 6 inch goldfish in one year in an outdoor pond.
  • I'm not sure---how long Dose it take? Just kidding--- Goldfish grow large if given proper room and food. Common goldfish with 50+ gallons to swim in, grow easily to a foot long. Lengths of six inches or more for most varieties are not unheard of. Thus, goldfish are absolutely unsuited for life in bowls or small tanks. They are in fact the least suited of most commonly sold fish. If you want a bowl or small tank, keep small tropical fish with a heater or small coldwater fish without one. If you go so far as to desiring no electricity at all, a betta will do well in warm areas and a paradise fish in cooler areas. Even then, anything less than 2-5 gallons for a fish or two is cruel in my mind. Bigger is ALWAYS better when it comes to tanks. Bigger tanks are also easier to care for. Maximum length: 6 to 8 inches for fancy varieties, up to 14 inches for regular goldfish Life span: Average around 10 years for healthy fish but oldest fish ever was 43+ years at death

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