• Matters what he likes. If he likes electronics, get him a BestBuy or whatever gift card. If he likes cars, subscribe a car magazine for him. If he loves love, hug him/kiss him then buy him a box of chocolates that are heart shaped. Get the idea?
  • I would think that is should suit his personality and what you think he would like. I personally would make sure that it is personal and shows that I took the time to think about what I thought he would like. If possible I would try to get a gift that both of you could participate it. Like tickets to a hockey game (if he likes sports), a weekend away with you, etc...
  • Not being judgmental, but you should really know if you've dated him for four years. Something that he wants.
  • If you have been dating him for 4 years, I think you have a very good idea of what he likes and doesnt like. Just drop hints if you are confused as to what he needs, or wants.
  • Let's get real. Bigscreen high def TV. And/Or, Hot oil massage by an asian girl. He'll love you 4 ever!!
  • something that always works- a meal. The way to get to a guy's heart is through his stomach. If you know what his favorite food is you could either fix it for him or go out to restuarant where they fix it.
  • electronics are always a crowd pleaser....
  • If you've been dating the dude for 4 years and don't know what to give him, how should I know? I've never even met the dude
  • Tickets to a concert or a sporting event. A weekend at a B and B.
  • Lamborghini

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