• 15 percent
  • I think it's increased since, but the standard used to be 15% of the total cost of the meal.
  • depends on the service but 10-15% of the pre-tax total is acceptable
  • 15% is the new minimum 20% is decent 7% is something my dad would do
  • I usually just make it easy. I round off the total price. Then I take the first number of the total and double it. That's the tip I leave. So a $30 bill would be a $6 tip. If it's a three digit number, I take the first two numbers. So like a $100 bill would get a tip of $20. Just makes it easier.
  • I am a server & bartender. The standard is 20% for a nice tip. You can always leave more if you were given excellent service. Or, of course less, if it were horrible.
  • I have a habit of doubling the tax. Tax in my area is about 8%. It doesn't work everywhere though.
  • I usually double the tax (7%) and add 2 bucks if it is just 2 of us. I don't do percentage math in my head too well, and I figure that 2x7 =14. 14 is 1 shy of 15, so I always add 2 bucks. If I really liked the service, I add 5 bucks.If they do great, 10 bucks. NOW, I have had HORRIBLE service several times in fancy resturaunts where I have left a penny on a napkin with the written words...."Your service sucked, tips given with better attitude" Hate me or downgrade me if you wish, but if I'm giving a days pay to enjoy an evening out, I expect smiles and service. Once -in-a-while, I get a server that seems to be upset about something with work or her/his personal life. I give what they deserve. 14% + 2 bucks, 14% +5 bucks, 14% + 10 bucks, or a penny.
  • Whatever you think they deserved. There were times I left nothing. Or worse, a nickel in the mashed potatoes or something like that. There were times I matched the bill because of excellent service. Tipping is optional, not required.
  • 20% if they are good/decent.
  • 10% of ticket- not so good waiter/waitress 15% of ticket- pretty good waiter/waitress 20% of ticket- awesome waiter/waitress :)
  • We aim for 15%. It really depends on the service. If it's horrible service, then less and more for wonderful service.
  • I am a server in Las Vegas, unless i have had unbelievaly bad service i always tips at the VERY MININUM of 15%. We survive off of our tips. At the end of my shift i have to tip out everyone in my restaurant. I HAVE to tip out 5% of my total sales. If every table leaves me 15%, i only go home with 10%. Keep this in mind when tipping. bad service- your discretion medium/good but nothin special- 15% good service- 18%-20% outstanding service- 20%- your discretion
  • 20% if they are on the ball and I've run them to the kitchen with many orders - cause we share & graze. 15% if we don't bother them for anything other then refills. 10% if it's a buffet place - since I'm getting my own plate. A penny for really bad bad service in which the server was rude, ignored our table completely and bitched about their job and those they have to serve. Oh - and a letter to the management so they can get rid of someone who doesn't want to be there.
  • Depends on the service. Sucky service 10% meduim service 15% good service 18% excellent service 20%
  • I round up to the nearest 5, 10 or 20 etc.

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