• Cause nobody is allowed to be happy, something has to be wrong with us D:<
    • Mushen
      Rubbish. Everybody is allowed to be happy and those that are, on the whole, of a happy disposition, generally don't give a shit about those who don't like it. If you think nobody is allowed to be happy that is because you're not.
  • i hear it's because it's all about the happy medium and balance - the extreme of those is the flaw. i guess
  • Personally, I believe people who have a healthy level of self esteem are assertive, and not arrogant. Having low self-esteem in general would indicate the person feels inadequate about some area in his life, if not all. Everyone has talents, to various degrees, and it should be easy to take pride in them without being cocky.
  • Sometimes, I personally come across as "cocky" or concieted.. and i dont realize it until alot later after it happens.... Sometimes you just forget to draw the line. When you start hurting people, you are arrogant. And as long as you are not putting anyone else down, i think u stay balanced.
  • I don't agree with that, Sweet T. Having good self-esteem doesn't make you arrogant..believing you are better than others is what makes you arrogant. At least that is how I see it. Low self-esteem may come from years of being told that you are a failure by those to whom you look for guidance and love...parents sometimes do incredible damage to their children by thoughtless remarks. When you grow up and go out into the world and are successful, you get a truer sense of your value. Being successful is the single best antidote to low self-esteem! :) ((hugs))
  • Having good self-esteem doesn't MEAN you're arrogant, but if you think you're better than others, you will be considered so. Even those with good self-esteem can be insecure, especially in today's economy. How many are hoping against hope NOT to be "let go", "laid off", etc. One of the "symptoms" of low self-esteem IS being arrogant. How many "bosses" are this way? And, those with low self-esteem can be very secure... They just have none when it comes to relationships. So your theory is off.
  • Arrogant is the way someone acts and insecure is the way someone feels.
  • Self-esteem and confidence are inwardly projected. Arrogance and humility are more outwardly projections. When you tout yourself as "all that and a bag of chips", you're being confident but you're also being arrogant. Self esteem and confidence are awesome characteristics but if you are confident, people will see it and recognize it.... There really is no need to drive it home with anyone who swteps within earshot. Low self-esteem is bad mojo. With it one will never reach their full potential. I try to change people's views of themselves when I come across it. I gain nothing from doing so but it is one of the most gratifying feelings I get when I see a change in someone for the better.
  • May be absolutes and may be more complex...much depends on the audience, in my opinion
  • there is a fine line when attaching a label
  • I'm not arrogant. Those with low self-esteem just think I am! Seriously, arrogance is an offensive projection of one's personality and/or beliefs. Self-esteem has more to do with personal confidence. They aren't the same.
  • Good self esteem and arrogance are not the same thing at all. Arrogance is the act of look down upon others while considering yourself superior. Good self-esteem is being happy with the person you are and actually believing that you are OK and of value. It has nothing to do with anybody else. Low self-esteem is insecurity about how you feel about who you are. Again, it is not dependent on the opinions of others.

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