• "Retarded" covers a lot of ground. An MRI can detect structural abnormalities, so if someone is born with a malformed brain (many genetic disorders, for example) rendering the brain developmentally delayed or limited, then it might show on a scan. If someone has a normal brain structure that, for whatever reason is structurally normal but limited in cerebral function, then it will not show up on a scan. Most cases of mental retardation are in the latter category.
  • An MRI scan can detect damage to any area of the brain and degeneration due to certain deseases but not retardation unless it is caused by damage. Retardation covers a verywide spectrum and is not a condition caused by one thing.
  • Hali... *wags his finger* Daddys watching! LOL
  • In the pursuit of enhanced retard understanding:
  • Yes it can, and I'm not trying to be funny, it can detect the atrophied parts of the brain, no problem, with dye it can detect neuro transmitter activity

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