• Yes, marijuana makes you a little bit silly but alcohol changes everything, nobody has ever died due to marijuana. I think if alcohol was invented today it would be classified as a narcotic substance or be illegal.
  • marijuana is a drug and no drug is safe. Both can altar your moods and your state of mind. You can do very dangerous things while hallucinating in marijuana and also alcohol. Both can kill you if used excessively.
  • Alcohol is the most destructive drug in our culture. More people have died from alcohol related deaths than all other drugs combined.
  • yes much more dangerous i dont understand whythey wont leglis it
  • Alcohol kills many more people than marijuana. In fact the only way you could be killed from marijuana is if a truck load of it fell on you.
  • Much more. If you add the costs of all the other drugs combined it still isn't as costly as alcohol in terms of destroying lives and costs to society. And since anyone can make alcohol it is impossible to control. On an individual basis as well it is much more dangerous than marijauna.
  • Absolutely. If you drink to much, you could die. If you smoke too much, you eat an entire pizza and fall asleep, that's about it. I've seen it happen. My friend smoked a pound of week one day and all that happened was he fell asleep on his couch. Also, since our bodies produce their own supply of alchohal, if you drink it enough, your body becomes dependant on it. I have a family member that is currently going to AA meetings and trying to quit drinking. He has to take pills to prevent himself from having a ceasure. His body simply put, can't go on without it. He needs to slowly let his body start to produce it's own alchohal again. I've known friends that smoked all day everyday for 3+ years and then quit, no problem.
  • Yes, I do. I have seen women and kids beaten by alcoholics. I have seen people go to jail because of DWI and "accidently" killing someone. I have seen people get into nasty fights over something that only made sense to the intoxicated person. I have seen people go through a lot of terrible things and do things uncharacteristically. I have also known/know a lot of people who smoke pot. I have yet to see any of them commit "crimes" (other than smoking pot) BECAUSE of being high on pot.
  • by far.
  • Of course. Alcoholics die every day. Drunk drivers kill innocent people every day. Pot kills close to no one. I don't even smoke pot and I don't care what they do with it. These are the facts.
  • yes i do
  • Absolutely! As Dr. G. said on her show, alcohol can kill in so many different ways. As aforementioned and explained well by other members, the danger of weed and addiction to it is minimal compared to so many other things; but like any other such drug, it's best not to do it and drive. :)
  • Yes. People can become unreasonable and angry when they are drunk. Angry drunks start fights. Be it at the bar, or at home. When was the last time someone smoked a bong, and decided that it was about time they jump up and beat someones skull in? The lazy factor prevents this from happening. People high on pot, get the munchies, play video games, giggle at stupid shit, and pass out. They don't become violent. FYI I haven't smoked pot in years, and I drink about 4-5 times a week.
  • Abuse of alcohol is more dangerous than occasional marijuana use, but if someone was to smoke every day until they were stoned, then I don't think any studies have been done as to how the lungs would be affected. Just as some people can have 2 drinks a day with no ill effects, some have a liver that can't take that for the rest of their life. I'm no doctor . . . it's just common sense in my opinion.
  • Definitely. I've always thought it was interesting how say, a businessman can get off work, stop off at a bar, have 3 martinis and drive, thus putting everyone’s life, including his own, in danger. But the SAME man cannot just go home, chill and smoke a joint. I haven't smoked weed in years but I am a proponent of legalizing it as long as it was regulated like alcohol. i.e.: an age limit to begin. And on that point, I think the drinking age should be moved up to 25! For those who state that if you're old enough to go to war, you're old enough drink, I say, we shouldn't allow our children to go to war...25 should be the age limit for that too!
  • Alcohol is much more dangerous and anyone who disagree's is a fool for mixing up the facts.
  • Way more dangerous. Marijuana deaths(STILL): 00.

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