• Stop making it a big deal. The more importance you place on what others think, the crazier it'll make you.
  • Just talk to them. Start by finding a woman who you do not find attractive, someone who is a nice person but in whom you find no attraction...then go talk to her. Learn how to talk to the attractive ones by spending time working on your skills with those who do not attract you.
  • just relax. what does it matter if anyone thinks you're gay? in that same line of thinking- what's the worse that could happen? a girl isn't interested in you, and so she doesn't talk to you? just treat women like equals, not some prize that must be placed on a pedastal. don't worry about earning their approval.
  • There is only one way: practice, practice and more practice. Talk to them regardless of their status, age, situation, etc. Talk to them about anything. You will soon find out that it is easy. All you have to do is be yourself and not try to be somebody else. This is the path I took when I was in the same shoes as you are.
  • It is not important, what they think of you, is it important, what you think of you. Do you know why you are so uncomfortable around women?
  • Go find the hottest girl in the room and strike up a conversation with her. Be yourself. Be honest. If you are funny tell her jokes. Whatever, just chat. After a minute make an excuse and leave. Next time chat for a little longer, the time after that longer still. You get the idea - right? Take baby steps. It's just like any other phobia, you just have to face it to get over it.
  • 2-26-2017 Take acting classes at the local college. Go to a book store and ask for Elizabeth Browning. Memorize a few pieces.
  • Most girls like shy guys so you might just want to wave and smile or something's like that👍🏻
  • Just let them, at least you know who you are. Enjoy your life without thinking what others think of you.
  • Try to forget what adult females unwittingly taught you when you were very young. Let it all go and be yourself with no pretense.
  • Oh the really good looking ones make us all feel that way! They're so sexy, it's a great disturbance to be near them, plus it's intimidating to think you might not be good looking enough for a woman THAT good looking. But studies found that the best looking women are often lonely because so many men feel that way or just assume they must already have someone. So the thing to do is approach them, and be as confident and friendlike as you can muster. And when you meet one you have much in common with, things will just click. ......Anyway, just generally, to overcome your anxiety, find some women to befriend. You know, in a non-sexual way, like at work, or if you join a club or volunteer where there may be quite a few women. The more time you spend with women, the more natural it will become to do so. ...One caution though: once youve gained some insight and comfort level in being around them, by being wherever it is you went to do this, then you must get away from them entirely, because too much hanging with the women could result in you taking on a few of their customs, manners of speech and such. You dont want to let them effeminate you like that (that wouldn't help people to not think you're gay!) (Plus, know this, they always SAY they want guys to be more like women (sensitive, compassionate, empathic, showing your feelings etc) BUT DON'T be fooled by that. They DON'T find it attractive when they get what they said they wanted in that area. They actually get turned on by a guy with rough edges, who doesnt explain himself, who doesn't show a lot of feelings..a guy who's in control and uses few words. (And you need to be a bit sexually forward, piggy even, aggressive, from the start. (if you don't set a tone of being a sexual threat so to speak, she will feel 'safe' around you, and thus you'll have achieved girlfriend status, and so it will never happen.) So it's okay to not be what they say they want guys to be like, and you should avoid changing for them in any such way, because this is why jerks always end up with the hot women and nice guys "finish last" (They dont want a nice guy! They want a rough edged bad boy, who makes them yearn to be able to harness you like a wild horse that just needs to be trained, but can't be. ...Oh, and sadly, a nice car and wads of money really does go a long way in attracting or repelling them. Though if you're young and so haven't mastered finances yet, all is not necessarily lost; there are those women who've been told (by those magazines they read) to look for "signs" of what a guy with a few misgivings now may turn into later. So even if you don't have a lot of cash to flash, just keep what car you got clean, like you care. And dress okay (but don't comb your hair too neat or attend the details (over-caring seems gay, plus if your tie is crooked, it will make them want to straighten it for you!). Oh and a sense of humor is high ona girl's list of what they look for ;) ..What else, oh, huge, if you get a chance to show fatherly potential, use it! Pet a dog like you care how he feels. Be nice to her cat. Help a kid. If nothing else, get a fish tank or a plant AT LEAST, something, in your apartment, that shows you have some instinct for taking care of another living being! lol (oh they look for this) (and clean nails) (yea, keep those cut and clean (file the rough edges off, after cutting them even...just dont let her SEE you filing, lol), they want to be able to imagine being touched by you, and if you have sharp dirty claws on the ends of your fingers, you'll shut down any fantasy she may have been starting to have). Lastly, this is all good stuff learned along the way, but you don't want to end up focusing on learning about them, you want to focus on being you, being confident and in control of that. Because the less you act like you want them, the more it allows them to want you to. So you really don't have to try! Just be a good successful you, with good enough hygiene. (always smell nice, with clean nails, and slightly messy hair. And if you got biceps, let 'em show a little! is too long, isn't it? Okay, well don't read it then.
    • winstondegaulle
      Not at all too long. I, personally, enjoyed reading it.
  • I think gays always get the girl. Even if they don't want her. Not only are they often good looking, but they also feel at ease in front of girls, because they understand them better. If you feel that way, it's precisely because you're not gay. I don't have an answer to that one. Maybe the best thing is to let see that you're embarrassed and don't know how to act, and they'll come to your help. I know exactly how you feel
  • maybe you should hang around them so you get more used to them

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