• No a credit card cannot take money from dhss money,you have a set imcone the law says to live on,it would be against the law for them to do this.
  • Alos this money you own,even if you offered only a pound a week they would have to accept it,as if it went to court you have not refused to pay!Not a thing they can do.
  • If I have an Income from my company provided disability program, can a creditor take that entire check for garnishment?
  • Yes, it happened to my husband. No warning, no letter went in and garnished $1,654.00, he gets SSI/ disablity, $654.00 a mon, they took that and also my pay checks. Cleaned us out, left $10.00 in there. We got a attorney and won all that money back, it is against the law for anyone to garnish SSI. We also are fighting to get back damages, checks bouncing, NSF. As well going to churches to get food to survive on. I would move your money if I were you.

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