• Great question! As that age old saying goes .. seems the more I learn, the more I find I don't know! So, am always learning. Approaching the world that way .. open, curious, interested .. leads naturally to trying new things. A new skill, food, kind of gathering or event, database to search through, technology to learn, you name it! When? Almost every day. Recently? Going to nursery and choosing plants to put in front and back yard when not having a clue on plant names, what grows where or anything else. Like a whole new world! :)
  • I think the last new thing I tried was sushi! About a year ago... My whole life it just looked so.... unedible. LOL But my fiance is half Japanese and his mother hand rolls her own sushi. Well, one day I tried it with a little soy sauce and I was over the moon for it!! Now, when we go to those places I cant get enough sushi!!! It bugs my parents out too because they've never tried it for the same reasons I never did! ;) Now it is ME telling THEM to try it and "be brave" LOL!
  • Just last week. I got tired of the libturd ban on pimento cheese spread, and looked up a couple recipes. Combined them, and made the first try last week. Too thick...would only spread on toast, but still tasted better than the commercial brand. Ate it up, and made the second attempt three days ago, with a soft cream cheese. Bulls-eye!
  • At my age, I have enough food preferences that I don't need to try anything different.

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