• Trying to play the market generally tends to result in a net loss. Leave it to the experts to deal with the individual stocks. Buy into a fund.
  • Donald Trump has set up a training course and special proprietary software package that will help a lot ... the course is $4,000.00 ... the software is $2,000.00 + $69.00 per month for the constant internet data updates on absolutely ALL stock being traded in North America ... with the understanding from the course, and a few clicks in the software, you can eliminate many thousands of the less profitable buys and have the software only display the top "class A" stocks that are estimated to rise slightly soon ... as you track your stock, it will also tell you when to sell before it drops a bit, and when to buy it back before it rises again ... the software takes data from many different sources and compiles it into a data base, then runs millions of compares to give you the top few choices of stocks to select from ... proper use of this software by a properly trained person makes it very easy to make huge profits via the stock market, and very difficult to loose money ... 1 - 866 - 248 - 2604 .

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