• Women in our society are under-valued. Just like most places in the world today. I had the good fortune to be raised by a strong woman at a time when it wasn't very popular to for women to be assertive or powerful. (50's and 60's) She taught me at a very early age that narrow-minded and ingnorant people need to be educated to the benefits that women have to offer. I have always been a little saddened by the fact that so many men are willing to overlook over half the population based on sex alone.
  • Just remember that up until a few years ago, women married with the promise to love, honor and OBEY their husbands. Historically, it has been a woman's "duty" to comply to her husband's sexual desires. A wife was expected to accept sex as part of her role. If she liked, enjoyed or hated it was unimportant. Most women, with this thing about being a virgin until marriage, and no available information at all, had only their husbands as sexual reference. Husbands could tell her how, what and when sex was to be, and most women would accept it. Marital rape was seen as a man taking what is rightfully his. Thank goodness these days are gone for most of us!

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