• Gray is a neutral color, so you have lots of choices...If you like dark walls, a maroon or burgundy would look great...if you prefer lighter colors, pink, sky blue, or a lemon yellow on the pale side also would work...
  • I think I would stick with a subdued/darker green on the walls and use wine or red colors for accents. You could tie it all together with a really pretty and colorful red, biege, grey and green colored oriental runner or small oriental rugs on the floor.
  • inmate orange and prison blue, cannot imagine anyplace else they would work
  • If I had gray fixtures i would throw them out and get something happier looking. Paint the place white. Some people can choose a color and make it look like they knew what they were doing, but if you need advice the advice is white. You can get lots of shades of white, but if you use an actual color you will be surprised by how dark it looks, much darker than it looked in the paint store. So paint your room white, and if you want more color you can hang posters or curtains or something.
  • I think i would prefer you dark blue....

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