• Do you mean Mary Magdalene? No, I don't believe that.
  • Do you believe that Mary was a virgin? lol
  • Jesus was never married- to Mary Magdalene or anyone else. The idea that he was married to her comes from Gnostic texts- and Dan Brown's "Da Vinci Code". Interesting note: If Dan Brown didn't research enough to know that Leonardo's last name was not Da Vinci*, why would anyone put any stock in his reinterpretation of old texts that were discredited years ago, anyway? *Da Vinci means "Of Vinci" which is the town in which Leonardo lived
  • No. That's fiction by Brown and others, promoted by hollywood (a part of the liberal propaganda machine) to undermine the Christian Faith yo...
  • Mary Magdalene? Perhaps not married, but I believe they had 'relations'.
  • Yes, I do. That story long predates "The DaVinci Code", and Jewish law of the time did require men to marry, if at all possible. Indeed, the Bible itself says that they lived together.
  • nah i don't but i'm sure she was pretty darn important anyways
  • This was more than 2000 years ago, so no one knows anything for sure about Jesus. I have heard before that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were intimate, but I think married is unlikely. Mary Magdalene in general is a pretty interesting figure: there's all kinds of different, even conflicting, traditions about her. The best anyone can do about it is look at the available evidence (there's not much) and piece it together somehow...some do it better than others. I guess I don't know enough about it to believe something that specific.
  • NO, he was not. Here are my reasons: 1)The New Testament, which is the major source of information about him, says nothing about him being married.Nor do any of the secondary texts which speak of him. They speak of mother, father (Joseph) and brothers and sisters, but no wife. 2) The Old Testament predicted that the Messiah would not marry. By oppression and judgment he was taken away. And who can speak of his descendants? For he was cut off from the land of the living; for the transgression of my people he was stricken. Isaiah 53: 8 3)Most of the Old Testament Prophets did not marry because of the itinerant nature of their ministry. When we look at people like Elijah and Elisha, Isaiah, Jeremiah etc, they were unmarried. So was John the Baptist. It was common for men with a prophetic ministry to be solely committed to the message they had. Jesus is totally within this tradition. 4) The first mentions of a possible marriage come from texts 2-300 years after the New Testament, which were written in Egypt. Their theology is very mixed: Christian, Egyptian, Greek, known as gnosticism. They were not written by eyewitnesses and never used outside of these isolated Egyptian communities, who ceremonially buried them once they had access to good teaching from orthodox Christian churches.
  • Jesus was not sent to start a dynasty...he was sent to preach the Kingdom... (Luke 4:43) But he said to them:
  • Definitely not! Jesus was a perfect man living in an imperfect world. He came to earth to save mankind so marriage would not be part of his life. Just imagine the chaos there would be if he had married and had children. Perfect v imperfect.
  • Why would people believe that?!
  • The "great" academic who started that was put to shame St Jerome used to say that going to the non-canonical Gospels first is like lookng for food in the garbage!1 you might find some but you should look in the cupboard first 😍

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