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  • No, for forgetting a b-day is BAD, but not the nail in the coffin. If his track record goes to crap, dump him, but don't just base it on one really bad foul up. You don't know where his mind was or if it was intentional, so give him the benefit of the doubt until he abuses it beyond reason.
  • One: Are you sure you're even dating him? I mean, are the two of you on the same page? He's in Europe for freak's sake. Did the two of you explicitly agree to be in a long distance relationship before he left? Two: Europe may not be big, but it is several times zones ahead of the US, it may not have seemed like the appropriate time to send you an email - he could very well have been working and just not had the time to do anything other than check his emails - you're paid to work at your job, at least I am... Three: It's a four-month long relationship, how excited is he supposed to be about your birthday? I mean, are you expecting love sonnets and roses and diamonds and a car? Four: breaking up with a guy because he forgot something important? Girlie, if that's your decisive criterion for ending a relationship then you are going to be sadly disappointed in life - or you could go gay.
  • I'd drop him like aHe's hot rock.. Who does he think you are. Does he think he's the only one with feelings? Get rid of him, he probably thinks he's great cause he's in France. Get a new guy.
  • No, maybe he simply just forgot it was your b-day. People do that from time to time. A 4 month relationship is not that serious. Have you considered simply asking him or nicely reminding him? But I know one thing if I were him, I would consider dumping you because of the big deal you are making over such a small issue considering it to be only 4 months. Forgetting a B-day is not that serious. Could you imagine if something serious were to really happen? The relationship would always be on the rocks. Are you sure you are ready to even date? Grow up!!
  • No -- people often have a bad memory for birthdays. Maybe remind him about it. It wouldn't be a very good reason for breaking up, IMO...

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