• My Dad..less arrogant. My Mom..less stubborn.
  • When he was alive, I would have taken away my dad's anger and bitterness, so he could feel a little peace inside his soul for once in his life
  • If your question had been "both" parents. I would say their age. But do to its only for one parent. I'll say my Mom's health. For she has been ill these past few years, in her lungs. Seems like it got worse after my brother's death, two years ago. But Ya....If I could only change their age. I'd make them both twenty years younger...........Plus 5 for your question, my FRIEND :-)...............................M.C.S.
  • They would still be alive.
  • They are both in their mid eighties now,and all the family gets along very well.All in all I can't think of anything I would like to change,for if I did my brothers and I would be different.I figure they did the best they could with the resources and common sense they had.
  • That she had more time with me when I was growing up.
  • Well, I wish they were still on this earth. Both have passed.
  • Mother - stop lying Father - that he would come to my house, he has been here once in 18 years.
  • I'd change it so that my Dad would stop saying horrible things to my Mum; he thinks he's joking but it sounds awful. About my Mum, I'd love for her to have her eyes truly opened and not see life though a tunnel so she can truly appreciate her childrens' point of view and not assume that the decisions we make about our own lives are not made with the intention of hurting her feelings.

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