• Sit in a pub and have a drink and a SMOKE :-) Yep :-)
  • Sure , Iwnit. I would love to go to Amsterdam, or Copenhagen, to name a few. Anywhere in Europe, where I could " drive on the wrong side of the road", that would be nice. I understand that there are some places in the Middle East, where there are Opium Dens, like the one in the story, "Around the World In 80 Days" I might not want to move there, but, I wouldnt mind stopping by for a few... :)
  • A desperate medical situation would be one I might consider. The US can be a bit slow in approving procedures sometimes.
  • Yes, but I won't divulge, for fear of being unduly criticized and downrated here. Lol.
  • Were I inclined to do illegal stuff, I would.
  • I personally would not. There is a reason why it is illegal here. I have read of people who are dying going to other countries for some sort of pie-in-the-sky treatment that has been deemed ineffective or dangerous here..I haven't heard of any successes. They die anyway.

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