• im predicting its gonna be something native american... it should be Oklahoma Bisons, its their state mammal LOL
  • G'day Ed, Thank you for your question. I understand that the four options are the Outlaws, Barons, Thunder and Thunderbirds. Of those, I personally prefer the Outlaws. However, I would have looked at the Okies as having some historical importance. Regards
  • I heard Thunder is the frontrunner with the colors being red, white, and blue.
  • I would love to see the logo be the Space Needle giving them the finger. And the name of the team should be "The Spoiled Whinies". Oklahoma, you can have them! Our crime rate in Seattle will go down now (One of them was busted in the parking lot of a cheap motel, smoking crack with a hooker), the entire team has about 10 rape convictions, 30 rape accusations, many illegal firearms posessions, countless reckless driving (going over 120MPH in a 60) and about half of those were DUIs. Also, when they get there, they will play well for a while, then demand a new stadium. Once they get the new stadium, they will lose every game they play. Then they will threaten a strike unless they get more money. A lot of us in Seattle are glad they are going. Sonics, don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out of Seattle.

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