• Poor quality in my opinion!
  • i takes away from small family run busnesses...Like lets say walmart opens in a very anti corpratamerica area, they will open too with low prices. The local busnesses will then loose money and eventual go out of busness for not being able to keep up with walmart. Then, walmart will take away one of the 2 stores it has opened and have hte town be dependant on it for everything...>_< ^_^
  • I can sum it up in two words: Gourmet Sushi
  • They set up shop all over the Country next to tiny towns, completely eliminating small business owners who can not compete with them. They are part of the trend of making our society an "employee" rather than "business owner" economic society. They are destroying the "Little Man". This Alan Jackson song and video tells what it is all about. He doesn't mention Walmart, but they are the principal player on this scheme:
  • As mentioned by others, they run small locally owned places out of business, provide low quality merchandise not to mention poor pay and poor customer service. I also don't care to shop in a place that looks like the inside of a factory; I've worked in enough factories that I've had my fill. They killed a lot of local businesses in my area only those with an unusual niche survived. Now that they have had time to realize the quality of goods and service are lacking at WM, everyone here misses the old places.
  • The parking lot is always too full with the cars of customers choosing to save money by shopping there, and not shopping at the higher priced, less convenient local merchants. It seems most consumers appreciate one stop shopping at a place that not only saves money by offering their merchandise at a lower price, but you can do ALL your low priced shopping there, instead of going to 20 different local merchants who may not have a free parking lot, yet will still charge way more. So, to sum it up. There is never anything wrong with consumers choosing who they will patronize. Remember, capitalism and a free market will succeed each and every time it's tried.
  • it just cheap.
  • It makes me break out in anxiety attack. WAYYYY too many people, too big of a crowd. I feel a cold sweat just thinking about it.
  • I dont like to go there, because I always end up buying things I don't need, whereas if you just go to a grocery store that has only food and stuff, you won't get distracted by all the other things that Walmart has to offer. Plus about 80% of the time, the people who work there seem cranky.
  • Walmart is the Black Hole of the shopping universe.
  • I have no qualms against them. They do eliminate small buisness's but not all buisness's are affected in some areas. We have a Wal Mart just 5-10 minutes from several other supermarkets and department stores and while Wal Mart gets excellent buisness, the other stores have NOT been affected.
  • nothing that I can see ;)
  • Too big.
  • Wal*Mart underpays, overworks and mistreats their employees while simultaneously taking Western Hemisphere jobs away. I'd be proud to buy something made in Mexico as opposed to China. It's time to think in a global economy sense and by rewarding Mexicans with a lot of jobs in their own country, the problem with illegal aliens goes way down while their standard of living goes up. That's a wiser choice. Sam Walton, you should be ashamed of your children and what they have done.
  • Anti-labor, Anti-union, forces manufacturers to overwork & underpay their workers by demanding lower & lower prices each year, destroys the balance of payments by importing too much from China, causes unemployment in America while increasing abused employment in foreign countries. .
  • how much time do you have? 2 examples. I took my car in last Sunday (I live in a very small town.. they were all that was open) to get my oil changed.. those idiots knocked something loose.. My car did not work.. the gauges, it would not change gears, etc.. My dad, a mechanic of 30 years took the car back up there and they argued with them why it was not their fault.. They opened the hood and he had to show them how to fix what they screwed up.. 2. I bought a tea maker from them.. used 4 times It's broke.. their qualify sucks.. they don't care about customers..I worked for them twice, they paid barely at min. wage, made me work FULL TIME and gave me no benefits.. They treated me like a piece a crap..I applied for a job as CSM and I was told that they only hire EXPERIENCED CSM's the next day a new CSM came in who had NEVER worked anywhere a day in his life.. he was the bosses friend.. They pull your scheduled days off without telling you and then write you up if you are not there. I went home one day like at 5pm (Sunday), was to be off until like Tuesday .. after I left on Sunday .they scheduled me to work on Monday.. they didnt' call me..when I didn't show up.. I got written up... You keep hearing how they keep lowering prices.. where? Not in my store..I could go on and on but the only reason I use them is because they are a 30 sec. drive from my house and it's quick but I will drive 10 miles out of the way to buy groceries rather than buy everything there.
  • Yeah they treat their employees horribly, but the emplyees need to walk out enmass and get the media in on it. I'll still shop there tho because of the prices..

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